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Who would you like to see on The Haney Project?

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With the recent announcement of Michael Phelps (yawn) being the next pupil for Hank Haney to screw up (kidding!), it got me thinking - who would you like to see on the show?


THP got off to a good start, imo, with Charles Barkley, but then Rush Limbaugh & Ray Romano kinda took the bloom off the rose for me. The show needs some kind of lovable nutjob with some attitude.


Up until his recent arrest, I was thinking Chad Ochocinco. Maybe Terrelle Owens?


Who would you like to see?

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The gist of the show has always been him taking a non-golfer or really crappy golfer and trying to turn him/her into a decent one, huh?  I think I'd find it more interesting if he took an already decent golfer and attempted to make him/her into a really good one.


Like, say, Michael Jordan.  Tony Romo, etc.


If his health was still up there, I think Bill Clinton would be fun to watch too.

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Good question Zip, here's a few that might be interesting to watch;

  • Donald and Ivanka Trump
  • Brian Skatell from Big Break (the guy that pure's his shots)
  • Bill Murray
  • Dana White (UFC President)
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Tiger Woods....AWKWARD!!!

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HIs wife.
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 She gets her face time every season he does, whether it be during golf lessons or photo shoots. 

Originally Posted by Phil McGleno View Post

HIs wife.
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I lost interest in this series after Sir Charles........


Watching Barkley was a hoot, but the other celebs?...not so much.

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Angie Everhart is a hard act to follow.  Maybe Jenna Jameson?


In all seriousness why not the loser of this coming presidential election?


BuckeyeNut I like your avatar.

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Kevin James would make for a hilarious student.....although Ray didn't do a lot for me so maybe that wouldn't be so great.



Daniel Tosh

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They should do a season where they pick 6 different celebrities and dedicate one episode to each of them.  They could go and spend 3 days with Hank in kind of a "golf boot camp" and that could be condensed into an episode.  Then the 7th episode could be a competition and the 8th a wrap-up (or whatever).  They could call it The Haney Project - Boot Camp.


Lisa Lampanelli would make a hilarious episode.  Tony Romo would be good.  William Shatner, Betty White, Justin Timberlake, Mark Wahlberg would all make good episodes.


It would be interesting for us golf nerds if he took a Web.Com player or elite amatuer or something like that .. but that seems almost as unlikely as Tiger doing a season.     

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I would like to see him take four or five of the girls from the last big break and help them make the tour.

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Kevin James would be good

Brad Garrett

Herm Edward (Not just 1 ep)


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Sean Foley
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Dan - from the Dan Plan.

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Last Season was actually pretty good having a few different people.

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