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Who are your 3 favorite and 3 least favorite players on tour? - Page 4

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like:  Miguel Angel Jimenez


Dislike:  Charlie Rymer  (awful commentary)

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Favorites: Couples, Bubba, Phil, Vijay in the day.
Least favorites: Tiger, Michelle Wie, Tiger.
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Likes: Tiger, Keegan, Dufner


Dislikes: Mcilroy, Ganzalo Fernandez Castano, Adam Scott (There are a ton more I dislike but I'll keep it at 3 like the OP requests.

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Tiger - His accomplishments speak for itself. Still rooting for him to catch Jack

IK Kim - Yes she missed a 1-footer, but she showed a lot of class and kept her head up even after the loss. She's cute too...

Yani Tseng - My wife is Taiwanese so she and I cheer for her. 




Gary McCord - His inability to STFU during his commentary and his stupid mustache puts him at the top of my list

Phil - When I started playing and watching golf, I couldn't stand listening to Phil because he sounds like he's trying to sell something to you even if it was at a press conference. 

Rory Sabbatini - He's a douche...

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Favorite: Jason Dufner, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Fred Couples


Least favorite: Adam Scott, Aaron Baddeley, Sergio Garcia

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Originally Posted by Subaroo View Post

I root against Rory McIlroy simply because he pronounces his name wrong.  He is fun to watch but I cannot get past this, it's a pet peeve of mine.  McIlroy should be pronounced "Mic Ill Roy", not "Mac El Roy".






Mic, not Mac.

I am pretty sure the pronunciation has to do with what letter follows the "c."  Nothing more, nothing less.  Micilroy just sounds odd, macilroy sounds right.  Compare it to McIntyre.  That is also pronounced with a "mac" and would sound funny with a "mic" ... I don't think it's a coincidence.


Anyway ...


I like to watch:


Rory McIlroy (not because he's a good golfer, just because I like how he pronounces his name) b2_tongue.gif

Nick Watney (hometown guy)

Graeme McDowell



There really isn't anybody I dislike.  I pretty much always root for everybody except the leader because I'm always hoping for drama.

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Like: Bubba Watson, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson 

Dislike: Keegan Bradley (Twitchy and is a redsox fan), Rory Sabbatini, Sergio Garcia 
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Ian Poulter



Rory McIlroy

Adam Scott

Justin Rose

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Gotta love Ricky Fowler, too.  That stache is incredible.  

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Stricker, Poulter, Couples

Least favorites:

Woods, Sabatini, Garcia
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Favorites: Will MacKenzie

                 Kevin Streelman

                 Nick Watney

                 Paula Creamer



Least Favorites:  Rory McIlroy

                            Rickie Fowler

                            Keegan Bradley

                            Jason Dufner

                            Sergio Garcia

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Favorites: Keegan, Phil and Justin Rose (Ernie and Mike Weir are just on the fringe)

Dislikes: Rory, Vijay and  John Daly (I don't know what it is, he is just annoying)..

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I don't follow the tour players much at all but from what I've seen pop up in the news...  Mickelson seems like a little bit of a spaz but in a friendly funny way.  Garcia and Bubba Watson sound like pretty big tools.

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Least Favorites

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Tiger Woods - I enjoy watching myself on film from time to time

Rory Mc (can never spell his last name)

Phil Mickelson - Phil the thrill


Least Favorite:


Henrik Stenson - Ever since that time he took of his clothes...


John Daly - Disgrace to golf


The baby walrus - Another disgrace to golf. The guy is fat as f*ck and doesn't even try half the time.. yet some how shoots good. All in all, he's disgusting to watch.

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Originally Posted by RonTheSavage View Post



Least Favorites


How could you not like Bubba? I love watching Bubba!

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Favorites - Tiger, Phil, Rory, Adam Scott


non favorite - Sergio

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Tiger- Reminds me of myself. B-) Always fun to watch.

Dufner- Love his style, or lack thereof.

Dustin Johnson- Likeable guy


Least Favorites:


SERGIO- Takes the cake easily on this one. Can't stand the guy.

John Daly- Was given a gift and seems to take it for granted. He just gets under my skin. Seems to disrespect the game to me.

Miguel Angel Jimenez- I can't justify why I don't like him, and really I don't think that I truly don't like him, I just root against him. Really have no solid reasoning for this one. He just rubs me wrong.

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