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good used driver options for me

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I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on a used or closeout driver.  I used to play a lot of golf and was about a 10-12 handicap.  I would normally shoot in the 80s with one round in the 70s.  I just picked the game back up after a 6 year hiatus and the few rounds I've played this summer were somewhere between 90-94.  Currently I have a Titliest 905S 8.5 degrees that I hit pretty well.  My buddy who is a former PGA teaching professional at a well respected private club convinced me that I would benefit from a new driver, even if it were used or a few years old.  I went to a swing monitor and found my club head speed on my driver was averaging about 98 mph. 


What are some good drivers that are 3-4 years old?  Should I get a stiff shaft?  I found a used Calloway FT 9 tour neutral that looks practically new for very cheap with a Fuji Z Com Stiff shaft.  Would this be a decent driver for me?  I hit a few TM Rocketballz Tours, R11, and Calloway Razr and they felt much better than my current driver.  Would the FT 9 Tour be a good upgrade?  I can't afford anything I can afford that has come out in the last year or two, even used.


Anyone play a FT 9 these days?  I don't know if it's for low, mid or high handicappers. Thanks in advance.

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"very cheap" You bet Callaway never lets me down.


I have seen them used around here as low as $50.00 with no head cover compared to  what your "very cheap" means


Stiff?  I don't notice much difference between stiff and regular.

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I have a callaway driver and love it.

Hate the sound though.

Hate how its 9 degrees.

Hate the reg flex.

But i do love it.. i promise.
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If you go with the FT-9 you might consider getting the I-Mix version so you can buy different shafts for it.  I've seen them sold on RockBottomGolf for $50 - $75 new and CallawayPreOwned always has some good deals on preowned clubs.


98mph swing is borderline between regular and stiff.  As for the ideal loft, it depends on your swing, shaft stiffness and shaft kickpoint.  There are a lot of variables to consider which is why it's best to get fitted. 

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i can get you a cheap custom driver. any shaft you want with an incredible club head on there for very cheap. 


custom shaft, custom head, custom grip by very well known brands with free shipping, free customization, free building of the club and zero tax!!


brand new custom driver for at least $100 less than something you will find at a golf store. PM me and ill get you all set up!


wont find a better deal anywhere and this goes for ANYONE

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