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How Many Hybrids Do You Carry?

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I'm curious to see how many hybrids everyone carries these days.  I'm "re-tooling" my arsenal.  Thinking of just eliminating the 3 & 4 irons completely, replacing with a 3 & 4 hybrid.  I basically will be carrying driver, 3W, 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid, 5-p/w, 2 wedges, 56 & 60.   Just curious of your thoughts.  Thanks.

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18 handicap here, 15* 3 wood, 19*, 22*, 25* hybrids, 6-9i, pw,aw,sw,58*, but hey I'm old!

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I started with the 2H and added a 3H. Recently I started hitting the 3i pretty well so I put it back in and took out the 3H. If I need a higher softer shot I can choke the 2H and if I need something more boring I can hit the 3i. There is one course that I play that I absolutely carry the 3H because off the fairways is sugar sand waste areas and the 3H comes in handy. I never went past the 3 because I love my 4i and don't have any issues with it. 


My sticks are in my signature and my wedges are 48-54-60. 

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Nice.  Thanks guys.  I guess I'm trying to figure out the "gaps" I might have by eliminating the 3 & 4 irons from my bag.  Seeing more of this out there as well it seems.  I've been blasting the new RBZ 3 wood, 3 & 4 hybrid probably longer than I would hit my 3 & 4 irons on a good day so I guess this makes sense.  Totally have to re-calibrate my yardage now which should be interesting.  Oh the buckets of balls.........

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Right now I carry zero. I might put the 2-hybrid in the bag on league night though.

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I have a 3+ and a 5 hybrid

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I have one a 20* hybrid.  I'm looking for a newer 19* hybrid with a stiff shaft.

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0 hybrids but no long irons either

15 19 23 27 degree metalwoods then 5 or 6 iron

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I carry a 3wood and 5wood, a 19* 3 hybrid and a 23* 4 hubrid. I carry a 52* and 56* wedge. I feel like I have really consistant gaps between the woods hybrids and irons, so droping one does not make sense for me right now, plus I don't feel like a 60* wedge would help me save strokes,

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I carry a 3 wood, 3 hybrid 19*, and then 3 iron.

I was carrying a 4 hybrid at 24* but I started hitting the long irons well so I took it out.

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15.5* 3 wood and 20* hybrid (3/4 iron territory). still keep my 4 iron because i use it to hit runners and get out of trouble when i have a lot of ground to make up.


who wants to hit sideways into a fairway when you can try to phil your way out of it?

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15 handicap here, 15* 3 wood, 18*, 21*, 24* hybrids, 5-9i, pw, 52,56

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I had bad luck with hybrids the first time I tried them circa 2007. A couple of years later, I found Callaway and Adams models I could hit OK, but delayed buying them.


I carried a 15* 3W and an 18* 5W for a couple of years, and then dumped the 5W for a TM Raylor 19* trouble club. (5W tended to miss left, and was hard to stop).


I retooled this summer and have a RBZ 3W HL (17* - a 4W) and a 21* 7W. I also have an RBZ 4H 22*. I hit FWs just as well as I hit hybrids, so I still favor FWs because I need all the distance I can get.


I have flighted shafts on my irons, so I can get the 4i up decent as a driving iron on tighter holes... and 4i has lower trajectory in wind than hybrid.

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18 degree and 21 degree hybrids. No 4 iron or hybrid. 4 wedges. To me (for the course i play at) an extra wedge makes more sense than a 4 iron:-D
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15* wood 20* hybrid, as you can see in my sig I had my iron lofts adjusted to suit my gaps

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I carry a 3 and 4 hybrid

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Per my sig line, 2.

For most golfers, certainly for most mid-handicap and higher players, hybrids are much easier to hit, fly higher, and land softer than the equivalent long iron. I used to carry (and strike well) a 2 iron. Now I don't even carry a 3 or 4.
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I replaced my 2 iron with a hybrid about 5 years ago and it's still the only one in the bag.

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