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I currently have two in my bag - Adams Idea Pro Gold 3 and 4 hybrids in my bag.  I switch between the 4 iron and 4 hybrid depending on how I am hitting each club. 

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I own 3 (3,4 and 5H) but I honestly like 5i over my 5H. I only have it cause it came with a set. I consistently play the 4H(23* cobra S3) and 3H(20* Callaway Draw FT) although I am considering dropping the 3H for a Baffler 5W or add the 5W and drop a wedge.
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I ditched my 4i and my 5w (both of which I really like hitting), with a 4h and 2h (both of which I like slightly better even).  (it was pretty easy to give up the 4i (much more consistent), but making the right decision to swap out the 5w was very hard - one of my favorite clubs....but the 2h goes the same distance and is usable in more lies.....


Really enjoying the hybrid concept.  I just started back golfing a couple years ago after a long layoff and these were new concepts to me.

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The 'long-clubs' in my bag are TM 5 HL wood; #4 and #5 hybrids.  Also have the HL 3-wood as well, but only use that on 200 yard-ish par 3s or long ones into the wind.  The #4 hybrid goes about 170, the #5 about 160.  I can usually hit the #5 more consistently than the #4 off the fairway, but both equally well off tees on par 3s.  The HL 5w will be used to eat up yards on par 5s and the long par 4s that I can't reach in two.


I've been playing hybrids for the better part of 10 years now.  Anything that might be 'easier' to hit finds its way into my hands and usually into the bag!



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I normally carry a Tour Edge Exotics XRail 4W (16.5*) and 7W (21*), and an Adams Idea V4 4H (22*).


The 4H carries a club+ longer than my 4i, and basically replaces a 3i.


I recently bought a 19* V4 3H, and may use it instead of the 7W on windy days (most likely in November through March).

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Hybrid 3-9....48*, 42*, and 56* wedges

I am old and my game has changed.  Not a low handicap, just like to play and be a bit more consistent.

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I have 19d and 22d (3&4 hybrids) to fill gap between 3w and 5i.

10.5 xhot w/ blur shaft
Xhot 3w
Xhot 3 hb
Xhot 4 hb
Razr x black irons 5-pw
Renegar 50d,54d,58d
Itsy bitsy spider
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I just put a 3H in my bag, I have only played one round, but I hit it much better then my 3i.

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The current answer is one.


If you are reading this the day I post it, the set makeup in my signature should reflect that I'm currently carrying a 23* hybrid in place of the 4i and a 7 wood in place of a 3i.  Tomorrow it may change again.


I don't seem to hit my 4i appreciably farther than my 5, probably because deficiencies in my skills, so the hybrid fills the gap better.  Sadly, if I am not careful about keeping a pretty steep swing with it, I will hit some unexpected hooks that always really hack me off and the club will fall out of the bag for a while.

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I have a Callaway X-Hot 4 Hybrid in my bag to replace my 3 and 4 irons. Actually, I just got it new and on sale for $120. Took it to the range and really liked it, very easy to hit, sooo much easier then the 3 or 4 iron. When you start seeing PGA pro's putting them into their bags, I know i'm looong over due to put one in my bag !

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I carry a 3W, 18 degree Hybrid, 23 degree hybrid, Irons start at 5. I've found that a hybrid's don't directly translate in distance to the irons, but I've found that my distance isn't going to be too precise from over 200 out anyway. I could honestly probably do away with the 3 wood on wide open courses

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3h 17* & 4h 21*

I also have a 2h I don't carry around, but it is an 18*.... Ya, I'm not sur why, but it came with the first set I bought from a lady that sold her husbands golf set... (She said he knew, but now that I think about it I am not so sure.. This another story for another time.. Maybe a thread?)
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I play a hybrid iron set (Cleveland HiBore 3 )  which is hybrids 3-PW with great results. Average 10 yards more (and far straighter!) with each club over traditional irons. I'm now a 15 handicap and was a 17 before I put these bad boys in my bag early last year. However I am a senior player with slower swing speed so this may or may not be useful for you.


In any event, you are probably going to want to dump those 3i and 4i since they are far more difficult for most people to hit and don't have the distance of a well struck hybrid.


Anyway....looking at your club set up , you might consider dropping the 3 iron/hybrid all together since the 3W covers you there and in its place consider a Gap Wedge.  Looks like you have PW, SW and LW so there's a hole in your distances that the gap wedge ( sometimes called "A" Wedge  or "D" wedge depending on manufacturer ) would fill.  


They are usually around 49 degrees loft and very useful from about 100 yards in. Many people also pitch and chip with them as well.   Good Luck.

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One additional thought: If you like your 56 and 60 wedges it is very likely that you can also get a gap wedge from the same model line.

However you should try and demo several different ones so that you have some idea of the range of possibilities.

Enjoy the process and find the one that works best for you.

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