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Pushed shots

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Hi guys new here i apologize in advance if this was already covered . Im having trouble with pushing my longer irons and sometime driver. 6 iron to driver . Wedges and short irons are fine . Everytime i pick up a six iron i push it i cant figure it out . Any suggestions on a cause and fix thanks for the help
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you might be coming through impact too steep, are your divots toe deep?

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If it is due to a steep swing he probably experiences a lot of tops and chunks also.

I am under the impression a push results from an in-to-out swing and a square clubface (relative to the swing line, not the target).

If what I believe is correct, it seems like you should focus on swinging more out-to-in (but not excessively so).

Try taking three practice swings. In the first, swing normally, in to out. Then have a swing that intentionally goes out to in, the typical slice swing. Then on your final swing, split the difference. Hope that helps at all.

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also you maybe holding on a bit so you're not getting a full release through impact

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haha this is funny...


only because i went through this same problem last month.  for me, i was definitely coming in to out.  BUT a lot of times i felt like i was trying to swing very hard at the ball and held on a little too much and didn't rotate my hips enough.  so i went to the range and tried to pull the ball by making my hands swing more "left" after impact. 


once i got that feeling grooved, i just concentrated on keeping my head behind the ball and making a similar swing.  don't know if it'll work for you but it straightened me out.


*hope that makes sense, im not very good at verbalizing swing thoughts*

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I've had this problem with anything longer than an 8i.   After messing around for some time, I discovered that widening my stance (moving my back foot a tad bit further back)  brought the shots back in line.   You might try that.

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