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RBZ HL 3 Wood

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Has anyone used the RBZ HL 3 wood? If so, what are your thoughts? Thanks.

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I have not hit it, but I own a RBZ driver, 3, and 5. I like them a lot. The HL is simply a 4 wood I would argue. falls right in between the 3 and 5 in loft. all other things being equal the 3 hl will probably go closer in length to the 3 rather then 5. 

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At 17*, the 3HL is simply a 4W (as per Andrew G).


An OK hit with the 3.HL goes about 10 yds. farther than a really good hit with my old 3W. Only problem: 3.HL has a draw bias, so I have had some rip-hook misses to the left (as in OB).


If I open my stance a little, I can often get a high, fairly straight shot. I've had it for 2 months and am still trying to get comfortable with it.


If you get the 3.HL, you probably want to skip the 5W and go to the 7W (only 2* loft difference between 3.HL and 5W).


You might read our site's article by 2ndSwing about tests of shaft flexes in the RBZ FWs and hybrids.

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