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Golfsmith... still waiting...

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Hay all I thought I would share and see if others have had similar experiences.

On the 7th of this month I ordered a set of snake Eyes 685x heads, 5-pw and a pair of their forged wedges in 52* and 56*.

also ordered PX flighted shafts for them as well, and some Lamkin grips.

(actually I ordered the 8 iron and built it up last month to see how I liked it, and, well I ordered the rest.)

all of the order shipped as usual except for 2 of the shafts. the 6 and 7 shafts didn't ship, I was told they were back ordered until the 22... I said OK, they should still make it to me before I go on Vaca on the 1st...

the 23 rolled around and no update to my order so I figured I would be a squeaky wheel and politely ask if my shafts were on their way... I was told the shafts would be picked up at a retail facility and shipped out, I assumed that meant by Friday, well not exactly... yesterday I sent off another email looking for an update and the response was that the shafts were picked up, and would ship within 2 business days. So if they do go out by tomorrow and they come fedex like the others, there is a chance that the shafts will make it Friday, and I will have just enough time to build them up before I head off to Hilton head on Saturday morning...  if not they are going to spend the week sitting on my doorstep... I will have to have someone swing by the house and grab them so they don't take a walk... 


On a secondary note, if you plan to order shafts and club heads from golfsmith be prepared for a bit of a frustrating experience... I had to go back and forth from shopping cart to product page and put each head and shaft into my cart individually... maybe I was doing it wrong but I sure as heck could not figure out how to add multiple products from the drop down menu. It was really frustrating. not to mention their site kept timing out and and glitching, which would either not add a certain product or would clear my cart, or not apply the coupon code... I though it was my computer or connection, but I have not had any problems in any sense on any other site. I also Had to keep refreshing the page to get it to load... Maybe they need more server space...


I really like the clubs, I have played a couple of rounds with the clubs I have, and my old 6 and 7 irons... I built up my set with standard lies and 1/2" short of standard... this means my new 8 iron is just a tad shorter then my old 9 iron... I hit the new 8 about 5 yards further... I will contribute that to the shaft... PX flighted 6.0 verses the true temper stiff shafts in my macgregor forged pcb irons. I think the shorter shaft was the way to go because I feel like I'm not choking up on every shot like I used to with the macgregors.

the feel is excelent and pure on center hits, and I get better feedback on slight off center shots then I do with the PCB's. The 685's are not quite as forgiving to shots off the toe. If you hit it off the toe, don't expect it to reach the green, but keep all contact in the groves and it should be pretty good. I always felt like I was not sure where on the face of the PCB's I was making contact. The reduced offset and slightly smaller head really suits my eye.


It just seems to me that golfsmith needs to step up the game. I love the products and their stores, but their needs to be a little better management of their online sales, website, and shipping departments...

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I ordered a shaft with a ,350 tip diameter,and they sent the wrong size, eventhough the invoice showed the correct size. They took care of the problem,but the whole process took several weeks.

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well good news. I just received a follow up email with tracking numbers. They say that the shafts were shipped this morning in 2 different shipments... I'm guessing that means that they didn't actually pick them up but had them shipped out from 2 different locations, both in Texas.

I will see tonight when to expect them to be delivered... hopefully they get here by Friday morning. it would seem that making a little noise has helped me this time...

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Please accept my apology for the issues you experienced with your recent Golfsmith order. I would like to discuss this with you to get this resolved to your total satisfaction. Please feel free to e-mail me your contact information so I can call you. My e-mail address is mark.ehly@golfsmith.com . You can also call me direct, 512-821-4160.


Thank you,


Mark Ehly

Golfsmith International  

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Thanks Mark, I sent you an email.


I have shipping confirmation and the shafts should be to me by Friday... I'm at the beginning of the fedex route usually so I should have the shafts Friday morning... fingers crossed, and I can build up my 6 and 7 irons before my trip... I guess I will have to hit the range up at sea pines Monday and give them a wack before I play with them...


I should mention a list of things I have bought from golf smith this year, either over the Internet or in the store without issue.

RBZ driver, 3, 5 woods, Ping 4 series Bag, True Linkswear tours, snake eyes 685x iron heads, snake eyes forged wedge heads, most of the shafts for them, grips, gloves, clothes... My wife bought me a Bushnell rangefinder a couple weeks ago and had some issues with the shipping as well, she had to send off a couple emails before it shipped.... did I mention I have a great Wife?!

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Golfsmith is horrible. I ordered some shoes from them and I got a confirmation email but nothing showing it was shipped. I finally called a week later and the girl I spoke to ended up telling me the shoes were on backorder. That site seems to love to do that. Shows items as in stock but when you place the order they never ship because they are in back order. Crappy ass service and just makes me feel like the website is a scam. I will never order anything from them ever again, that's for sure.


Sorry to hear about your issues, hopefully everything worked out for ya.

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Unfortunately, I also had a very frustrating experience with Golfsmith. I purchased a set of Cobra S2 irons earlier this year through Golfsmith. I added the set of clubs into my cart with no issues and placed my order and immediately saw the pending transaction through my bank account. I then received my Order receipt, but I did not receive my Shipping notification w/ Tracking Number - even after 1 week had passed. Exactly 1 week later I noticed the transaction was retracted from my statement and I received my money back, without being contacted or offered an explanation. I then called Golfsmith to find out what was taking my order so long to ship, why I was refunded my payment without being contacted and what I needed to do next as I was under the assumption that I made a purchase. The representative informed me that Golfsmith was out of stock on the Cobra S2 Steel irons that I purchased and their "Sales Manager" cancelled my purchase for me (it would have been nice to have been contacted and told this, perhaps that's just my weird expectation in terms of a business that operates efficiently). 


In the end, it took an additional 3 phone calls over 4 business days, with very unprofessional representatives, to locate the "ghost" set of Cobra S2 irons and have them shipped to my door, at which point I needed to provide my billing information over the phone again. Fortunately, the last individual that I spoke to was able to help me out and was very professional and apologetic. Go figure, I believe their name was Mark also (not sure if this is the same Mark from this thread who is responding on behalf of GS).


Needless to say, that was my first and final purchase through Golfsmith and I will continue to do business with GolfGalaxy for my "express" golf needs, because they have not failed me once yet.


I'm not rehashing my bad experience for personal gain or gratification, I'm merely sharing my experience in this thread for others to review. I am also not encouraging anyone else to not do business with Golfsmith as well, as I'm sure I'm a minority in terms of bad experience with them.

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I've had nothing, but good experiences with Golfsmith. Even when there was a discrepancy, they more than made it right. I have heard nightmare stories though and wonder where Mark has disappeared to?
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I should update that My shafts made it to be friday afternoon, about 12 hours before I left on vacation... I had just enough time to get my irons built up and gripped... I hit them today here in Hilton Head, and Im playing with them tomorrow for the first time... should be fun. the clubs feel really good and are very sweet when hit square... they do let you know when you get the toe...

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I had an order of a driver head cover and two fairway head cover from golfsmith. Ordered all three at the same time to save on shipping and to have all matching head covers. Well they sent the driver cover and no fw covers. Well I figured the rest would come later. After few days I call to see what is up. They tell me then that they won't be shipped. I would not have ordered the one driver head cover had I known this. The lady on customer service was somewhat rude and acted like I should have known that the items were no longer available. Not a super big deal but it should have been listed as discontinued on the website so I could have ordered other items.
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Update: So I see the headcovers on the GS website after being told they would not be available.  I was pretty apprehensive about using them to buy golf stuff again but I called and asked about the item, told them about my order, she checked and confirmed they were available. Apparently they do not do much of a back order thing or the merch changes so much that they just cancel orders instead of filling them later. She offered to send them out over night and waive the shipping fee so I am finally getting the covers to match. c3_clap.gif


Customer service was pleasant, good and timely so I guess Golfsmith goes back on the okay to order from list.

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I've had nothing but great experiences with Golfsmith online. Ordered some balls and they arrived in a timely fashion. I also ordered my Callaway 3 wood online and I accidentally ordered a stiff shaft when I wanted a regular. I took it to the store to return it and they didn't have a regular shaft to exchange it with so they mailed me one and it arrived 3 days later.
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i have ordered a few things from them and had no problem.  Unitl now.


Girlfriend ordered me a rain jacket for my birthday.  It is on backorder but there was no indication while ordering.  never got an email or anything after saying it was backordered, and they charged her for it.


When it didnt show up, she called and they said in 2 weeks it will ship.  When that passed and still nothing she called again.  They shipped one to Texas for me.  I live in California.


Thanks Golfsmith!  Great Job!  Think im taking my biz elsewhere now....

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I ordered a GB Packers custom putter grip from them.  They sent the Packers decals but not the transparent rubber grip.  It's kind of hard to putt with nothing more than grip tape and a decal on your putter shaft.  I called their CS line and was told the grips were on backorder and would be sent soon.  That turned out to be a false promise.  I called back a few weeks later and asked for a refund.  Nothing.  A week after that, I called them back and demanded that they process the refund ASAP.  After two calls, they finally did issue me the refund, but I was about a day or two away from starting a dispute with my credit card company. 


I took myself off Golfsmith's mailing list, their service was so crappy.

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