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Golfer Shot after Breaking Window with Errant Drive

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Don't believe this has been posted yet:





RENO, Nev. -- A Nevada man has been arrested on suspicion of shooting and injuring a golfer after an errant ball broke a window at his home.

Authorities say 53-year-old Jeff Fleming exited his home along a Reno golf course with a shotgun after a ball hit the home late Thursday afternoon.

Fleming is accused of firing at a golfing twosome at the 16th hole, striking one of them. The golfer was released after treatment at a local hospital for minor injuries.

Police say the Lakeridge Golf Course had to be evacuated after the shooting, and the suspect drove to a local attorney's office, where he surrendered without incident.

Fleming was booked at the Washoe County jail on charges of battery and assault with a deadly weapon. He was released after posting bail.


More to the story?  Probably.  Either way, doesn't look good for the home-owner who bought a house on a golf course.d2_doh.gif

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Really shouldn't be turning his wrists.
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I can't imagine someone shooting at me on the golf course! g2_eek.gif  I guess I need to keep it in play and not just bomb it off of every tee?!?

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There are nuts everywhere.... Still, strange that someone buys a house on a golf course and is surprised when a golf ball strikes. Maybe invest in some thicker pane windows....

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I put one on a guys roof about a month ago and then noticed he was already standing in his yard inspecting another part of his house.  I was going to go over, say I was sorry and try to retrieve my ball when a regular that I was playing with said the guy was a PIA and that I should just hole out and go immediately to the next tee.  I listened!

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It doesn't say whether the house was to the left or right of the fairway... How are we supposed to give any advice to the poor guy without knowing what sort of shot he hit?

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I have played this course a few times, the 15th is an island green and of course 16 has homes fairly close down the right side.
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Some day people will get off of their high horse and realize that a bloody ding on their car or gash on their house isn't the end of the world and it does not make them look any less "superior" to the people around them. a2_wink.gif

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Did he go back and finish his round after hospital ? , if not he's not a hard core golfer  f3_laugh.gif.

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