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Grip question

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I got a tip last week and wanted to run it by my fellow Sand Trappers. I'm right handed, and have been having an issue with pushing the ball right with my irons/hybrid/woods and slicing the ball more than my normal fade off the tee. Someone I was golfing with last week offered a suggestion which seemed to have positive immediate results. I haven't been able to put in the long term effort yet to see whether it's right for me or not.

I tend to have a strong left hand in my grip. When I put my right hand on the club, I let my right thumb lay directly inline with my left thumb. I was told to try letting my right thumb cross over to the left, creating more of a V shape toward my right shoulder. I took a swing and it felt very awkward. It felt like I had no strength in the swing. But, I hit it dead straight and the same distance as normal. I swung a few more times and the strength was there, feeling like it's absence was mostly a lack of having my right thumb in that spot previously. The fact it wasn't a natural feeling for me, I guess.

I was having a bad round last week and was given the tip on the 15th tee, so I ended up using it the rest of the way and have only swung with that grip for those few remaining holes. Given that, I'm not sure what to think yet. Have I just been doing it wrong previously? Is laying the right thumb over the left thumb the way I should have been doing it all along?
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The big pad in the palm of my right hand, the one under the thumb (I think that is the lifeline), sits on top of my left thumb.  

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