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I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive ($100-$175) rangefinder. My dad has an awesome Leupold GX but it runs around $300 and I dont need to spend that much. Does anyone know of a good finder in this price range? Thanks.


Ebay....tons of new rangefinders on there, I scored mine for a good deal less than what it's sold for on Amazon, TGW, etc.  You might be able to snag a good one in the price range you are looking for. 

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if you want to choice a cheaper and good quality rangefinders. you only can choice from some unknow brand. Bushnell. Leupold.Nikon. those brand are famous like you said price will be around 250-300us dollars. if you only want 100-150us dollars. not easy to find a good rangefinderse. it.s ture. lol....

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Well, I bit the bullet and bought the same Leupold GX-2 that my dad has. I would use his whenever we played and the thing is awesome. It has the pinhunter and true golf range which shows the elevation change. It sells for $399+ retail but I got it for $273 with free shipping on eBay...It has helped a lot so it was definitely worth the price.

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Just got the Medalist as an early Christmas present from my wife.  BEST...THINGS...EVER!!!!!!!!!!!   I don't have the steadiest hands for this - at least when I was getting yardage fro more then 150ish out it seemed like I was having difficulty keeping the flag in the crosshairs.  Didn't matter - the Pinseeker feature worked like a champ everytime.  I'd get the distance to whatever was behind the pin, then a second later the closer distance would show up.  I would check it 2-3 times at first just to be sure, but after just a few holes I was convinced that the yardages were accurate.  I played an extra 18 yesterday in large part because I was so amped about using the range finder again and again.  I guess it would be nice to have higher magnification than 4x, but it's more than enough for me.  I could care less about slope either, I'm not that good.  


I've used phone apps for GPS, they're OK, but they're not always accurate and it's a hassle toting around and unlocking my phone every time I'm shooting.  I've played with people who use simple "Front/Middle/Back" GPS devices and they are much more useful for the average middle-hogh HCP golfer, in my opinion.  But when you need really accurate distance to the flag, the laser is where it's at.  I can't tell you how many times I "guessed" at my distance based on where the fairway markers were, only to be 20 yards or more off because of a weird angle or deep green.  When I normally would have maybe hit a 56 because I though it was 95-105, it was actually 118, and I would have been screwed.  I then hit a 52, and bam!! Pin high on the back of the green.

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I have that same one gator and agree 100%.


I was playing the other day and on this long par 4, I was just inside the 150 yd marker with the pin forward. Range finder said the flag was 123 which I would have never guessed the green was that deep to be 25 yards from the center to the pin.


Definitely a great tool to have out there.

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I have the Bushnell Tour V2 (without the slope adjust).

New or used, it doesn't matter what I paid.  It's about the best purchase vs everything else in my bag.


I think the Patriot Pack is $299 new on most retail shops.  And they have a decent rebate going on right now (either $50 or $100 - I forget how much).

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I have a Leupold GX-1 and it is really nice. I had a Bushnell Tour before I got the Leupold and I sold it, the Leupold is better IMHO.

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