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Wedge Sets

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I am looking to buy a cheap set of started wedges to add to my arsonal. I dont want to spend to much on them. I was out this past weekend and i notice that my short game within 100 yard or just out 100yds is coming up short. Anyone have any recommendations for starter wedges? 

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thanks glock, i was actually looking at those. everything i found them ppl seem to love them and give them good ratings.

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Originally Posted by glock35ipsc View Post

I don't play them, but a lot of people seem to have good things to say about Adam's Tom Watson 3-wedge set. ... 


Glock speaks the truth. Solid clubs for a good price.

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RockBottomGolf.com has a special right now on Watson three wedge set for $60. 52* 56* 60* all for $59.99



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^^^ Wow, that's a really smoking deal!!

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@glock, that is the set i go and its from rockbottomgolf.com

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