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Hats and Visors.. Do you only wear your ball/bag/clubs brand? - Page 4

Poll Results: Hat/Visors.. Stick with your gear brand?

  • 14% (8)
    Yes, regardless of style.
  • 85% (49)
    No, whatever looks good.
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i don't own any golf hats, but if i did, i would probably buy a hat brand that matches with my club manufacturer brand.  the majority of my equipment is callaway, but i have mixed in some nickent equipment recently.


currently i wear a "golf style" chicago white sox cap or a "golf style" indiana univ hat (drives my dad crazy because he is a purdue grad)

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I mostly wear a Blue jays baseball cap when i play away from my home course, since I work a few shifts a week in the pro shop, were they frown upon wearing any hats that arent branded with some golf logo or company. My options are golf hats, or no hat. I have a butt load of golf hats to choose from tho, and a few times a year company reps drop by and offer goodies to staff members, and i usually take a hat over balls.

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Originally Posted by David in FL View Post

Heck no.

I HAVE to wear a hat, but tend to stick to golf course logo hats generally. One thing I really like is getting each year's US Open hat with my annual USGA membership.

ditto on the USGA hat.

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Red sox hat, john deere hat, nike or titleist hat. Preferably any hat that has a mesh back and is really breathable.

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University of Michigan first and then whatever else I have.   Never the team down south, Ohio or "little brother in East Lansing"

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I am a total titleist geek. I have a full set of the visor hat colors and over 20 full titleist hats in my collection.
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I don't wear "gear" anything. Only Places I've been too. I'm lucky that I have the oppertunity to travel quite a bit and have played at many nice places. I'm not saying top end courses, just some very nice public places far from home. I can't afford a $500 bucks a round, but I an play several nice places for less than $200 per trip when I got to go on the road.


Hat from a NAVY SEAL base in Virginia, jumps to mind. Probably the hardest place I've ever been. The NAVY knows some stuff about water, and they've shared it on their Golf course. I lost a tremendous amount of balls there.


A wind breaker from a Public course in New Jersey, Quail brook GC, is my favorite.  I want another chance at that one some day! Went to Rhode Island this past summer with two seperate Tee times at two different places, played Triggs one the first day, and cancelled my Tee for the other place and played Triggs for a second time the following day, Played worse the second round.



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I usually wear what ever I find that is sport or advertising related as long as the logo/wording is not offensive.

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I avoid OEMs.


I buy 3 Iliac hats each season.



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A hat is a hat. I wear a shimano fishing visor most of the time. Recently I've been wearing my Detroit Tigers hat just to rep my team so I don't think brands matter. If you're knocking down shots, nobody is going to question your hat selection. 

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For most days, I usually wear a black Callaway cap or a Ping visor (the hats came before the Callaway and Ping clubs). For those scorching summer days or rainy days, I sometimes sport an Underarmor bucket hat that a friend picked up for me last year. I'd personally be fine with any golf brand hat, tbh.

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