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Is the golf season almost over for you? - Page 4

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Playing tomorrow, year round in CA,of course that comes as no surprise.

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I played both days this weekend in MA.  Saturday 42F with 15 mph winds.  Cold, but fun.  I only played 9 and had 5 pars!  But distances were really cut back.  On one par 5, 525 yard, I hit driver, 3H and 3H into the wind and was still 10 feet short of the green.  My only 200+ drive was on a side hill fairway where I got a lot of roll.


Sunday was a bit warmer, 50 - 52, but still windy.  Played alone.  Distances were still way down 10+ yards for irons, Had a couple of 200 plus drives, but only on shelters holes.

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I just put my clubs away here in MA. It's not so much the weather as it is course conditions, mostly the leaves & rough. Lots of lost balls, at least the way I play!


I do have a covered/heated range about 10 minutes from my office that I will be able to sneak away to a couple of times over the winter, but at this point for me it's time for indoor mirror work... and lots of book reading & DVD watching!

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Clubs are still in the trunk of my car but that's really just 50% laziness and 50% denial. Season is definitely over. No real indoor range options that aren't too far away and WAY too expensive. When 60mins of range time cost what I pay for a round of 18 I just say no.

I'll practice 3/4 swings in the basement this winter and maybe try to hit the range a few times over the winter just to see some ball flight but the price will severely limit that.

There is a simulator nearby but I've never really cared for it, too artificial feeling.
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@Ernest Jones ,  how about using your 3 iron to play pond hockey?

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Originally Posted by boogielicious View Post

@Ernest Jones
 ,  how about using your 3 iron to play pond hockey?
Last season on my final round I pushed a tee shot into the pond. Pond was frozen so the ball just skittered and hopped across the pond and hit the far bank, unfortunately I got a bad bounce off the bank and it rebounded back to the centre of the pond. The temptation to walk out and chip it off the ice was pretty strong but I was a single so decided to err on the side of caution and just take the penalty.
By the way @boogielicious , I'm still waiting for my Boston Bruins dog-poop scooping putter.
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I play until snow covers the ground and/or the ground becomes frozen.  In SE Michigan one of those two events usually happens close to Thanksgiving.  The past couple years we have had mild Decembers and played well into winter.


It is sort of sad that when the conditions are so conducive to golf (few golfers, low rates, perfect greens) the season is just about over.

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the after work golf is over - resigned to weekends only now.    Most courses will be closing around Thanksgiving - always a few open year round if there's no snow.      Will be frequenting the golf simulators most likely soon ...

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I'll be able to play all winter here in Northern VA, but their will be times when it is too cold or snowed over/frozen. The best thing about winter is being able to hit a bucket of balls at lunch time without sweating through my shirt. I don't mind the cold at all. At lunch I'll get in a half a bucket, or I'll chip for 45 minutes, or chip and putt. I'm lucky that the range is just down the road from work, so I'll visit it often and it gets me some sunlight and fresh air. Helps with my SRGD (Seasonal Reduced Golf Disorder).

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We'll be able to play most of the winter but at times it won't be very fun and we'll wonder why we are out there. If it gets too bad I'll take a ride south for a weekend or two.


P.S. Last week a couple of tourists were griping that they had driven south to play here and it was still too cold. I told them they should have kept driving for another 6 or 7 hours.

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The indoor league at the simulator starts soon. I'm ready.
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My club closes thanksgiving weekend or snow.......then depression settles in.
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We can play through the winter but there are the odd few days where the greens are frozen (last winter it was about 4 months!). I like winter because it gives you a chance not to worry too much about your scoring and you can work on a few things. These days, golf clothing is so good, I don't really care what the weather is like if its a competition. If it's just a friendly, I might give it a miss if it's pouring :)
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Most of the courses have closed up shop for the winter. I'll have to get my golf fix between TST and our hitting net at work. :-)

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I guess the golf season will always be open as long as there is no snow on the ground, but I may be adjusting my tolerance temperature. I wasn't going to play Saturday, as it was a little chilly in Philly when I first went outside. I find as I get older that I am becoming less tolerant of cold weather.


I did some stuff around the house, then went over to the club and it was very nice, around mid-50's and no wind, so I jumped in with a twosome and got in 18. Played 9 on Sunday in a howling wind. That was enough, besides I wanted to see the Eagles game.

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I try to play all year round. The courses around me close if its below freezing. So it depends on the weather, but I'll golf all year if I can. I played last year in the snow...didn't really stick, but snowed the entire round...was pretty fun. In the cold, I just layer well with UA Cold Gear...and usually don't have much of an issue.

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Every time I tell myself it's time to put the clubs away we get a nice day. Today was a good example, mid-50s, sunny, and no wind so got in another round. Early forecast for this upcoming weekend looks good too, but that might be it for me (no really...haha).
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Originally Posted by JonMA1 View Post


Are you getting snow tonight? If so, I'm sure it's on it's way here in Northern Michigan.


Might have one or two more weeks left. I hope so anyway, I'd hate to end the season with the round I shot today. Some clubs close in October but mine is also a ski resort. At some point they'll remove the flags but they don't care if you still want to play.

We do have snow on the ground.  Hope you didn't get any.

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