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If it's very deep,  I'd leave my 60* in the bag,  for fear of skulling it out of there.   I would probably take my 55*,  play it WAY back in my stance,  and hit down into the ball to 'pop' it out.   Follow-through wouldn't even be on my mind....  just trying to pop it up,  and out,  and depending how hard I swing,  I can control the distance pretty well with this method....   it puts some back-spin on the ball,  but not enough to stop the ball in it's tracks,  so I don't get too aggressive,  and plan to get a bit of roll out of it.

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Spyder look at Phil's ball it's sitting perfectly on top of the grass. The thread is  asking about a ball sitting down in deep grass. That flop is easy just need a little confidence and commit to the swing!

I understand where the ball was sitting, but he is also burying the ball with the same approach and playing it off the back foot. I use the same approach depending on just how buried the ball is. If the ball is sitting up, play off the front foot open stance. If the ball is buried, play off the back foot to shallow out the AOA and play a "slightly" open stance with an open club face.


This shot can literally be used anywhere, from any lie. It takes commitment and practice. You will have low success if you try the flop approach from a buried lie if you do not play it off of your back foot, open the face and commit to the shot with acceleration. That's how "I" play the shot with success. The lie sucks and is no fun and there will be times where you duff it or blade it, we're human and we're not professionals hitting thousands of practice shots.

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Agree with Spyder in that I have to at least think accelerate to myself to offset the natural inclination to baby this shot and decelerate out of fear, which usually results in the dreaded flub.


I have noticed that pros always accelerate throught the ball, even if they only pull the club back 1 ft and want the ball to fly 1 ft.


Not saying this is the lesson tee solution, but the way I hit it.  I'm trying to hit a flub--that's the whole point.  The key is a long bhackswing--a 1-foot backswing executed this way will move the ball only six inches, if at all.

I practiced this yesterday from a variety of lies and distances to the green and with varying amounts of green to work with. Playing it like a similar bunker shot works almost every time (I'm not a pro). With very little green to work with approximately the same distance from the ball to the green, both a firm splash whith the ball landing about a foot onto the green and a dead-handed shot where the ball trundles forward off the apron toward the pin, both resulted in similar length putts. Which I'd use during a round depends on the lie and the day, but practicing both means which ever one I choose is probably going to work.

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