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Ping ISI BeCu

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Hi, I am looking to buy a set of Ping ISI BeCu red dot stiff flex standard length RH iron set. Preferably decent playable condition. Must be at least 4-PW+SW. Really like the look of the clubs, and love all the talk about them. I have recently became enamored with classic clubs. Specially BeCu. Just ordered a Ping Pal 4 BeCu putter from ebay. Would like to add complete BeCu set. Thanks in advance. Thoughts on the BeCu ISI irons appreciated. 

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Just saw this one, I own a complete set 1-LOB - yes all 6 wedges.  There is no better feeling than hitting the 1 Iron on the sweet spot.  I also have the B60 BeCu Putter but have gone to a long putter from Heavy.  The ISI irons don't get much respect.  If I could have I would have chosen the Eye 2 in BeCu, I may go that way if my 2013 experiment with Mizuno MP60 set goes south.  You must get these to your dot spec since they can not be bent.  If you are interested I might be convinced to part with my complete set ( and my complete set of Eye2 woods 1-7)  Good luck with your searching.

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It has been a while since I posted this. Since then, I have fell in love with the ISI nickel clubs. So soft yet controlled. I am definitely fit for black dot with the older clubs. The new lie's of today I have to bend down 2° I'm sure I would be a red dot in newer clubs, but black dot in isi. The complete set sounds so nice. I'm sure pretty expensive though, knowing how rare a complete set is. So cool though. I'd love to see pictures. Got to love the copper.
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