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Range finder recommendations?

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What's the most popular range finder in today's market?

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You would have to go to market research company to find that out?


Or are you trying to conduct your own survey here?


I just bought a Leupold GX1.

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I have no idea what is the most popular, but I really like my Callaway Razr.

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I have a Leupold GX-I as well. Good buy for me. 

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I bought the Leupold GX4i and I don't believe the benefit is worth the cost. The slope feature is OK, but not usable in competitive rounds. The club selection that takes into account slope, altitude, temperature is pretty lame since it only recommends clubs from P-wedge to 2 iron. On top of that, it doesn't sense barometric pressure (altitude) or temperature, you have to input those figures into the unit for the day and the location at which you are playing.


Accuracy is very good, and it is a big help at the driving range, I think I'd have been just as happy with one of the units that sells for around $300 bucks and saved the $200 spent on useless bells and whistles for something else.

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Quite a few of my friends have the Bushnell V2....Great product...may have to get one myself ! Maybe as a gift to myself once I reach a single digit handicap.

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I have a Bushnell V2 (non-slope).  I love it.  I got it as a gift when I first started playing.  At first it was like a fun novelty - neat but not really usefull.  The better I get, the more valuable I find it.  I reach for it now on almost every shot. 

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I would go with bushnell. I have one for shooting. I should get one specialized for for golf as well, because mine is a bit bulky to carry in a golf bag. Waiting for a good sale on one. For now, I borrow it from a friend.
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