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What kinda scores have you had using Stack and Tilt??? - Page 4

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Originally Posted by europeanson7 View Post

If your s'n't driver swing lacks power, you're probably just not doing it right.

You are correct, I was swinging on too steep a plane. Now, I am swinging more flat.

Before stack and tilt my drives went 240 yards, but really high (no tree could stop my drives), and I over swung by quite a bit.

Now that I am using a shorter and more controlled swing, I can try different things. Without swinging that fast I am getting 220 yards of carry. This is in line with a 10.5 degree driver at about 95 mph. When I make a faster swing it is farther, about 240 yards of carry. However, I can feel the strain on my injured shoulder. I can probably swing 15% to 20% faster than that, but I would definitely re-injure my shoulder. Not worth it for 30 to 40 yards gain.

In any case, I can control the swing speed with stack and tilt. I can go as fast or slow as I want. 220 carry is just fine. A typical carry plus bounce and roll is about 235 yards.

Right handed, my drives only about the same because it feels so awkward. However, I probably could drive much farther, but need to improve flexibility for the follow through to prevent injury.

I hope I'm not embarrassing the stack and tilt advocates with shorter distances, because I am really happy about my progress.
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Dropped my handicap by 8... hitting more fairways and have a constant shot shape.... i need to work on distance control from 150 and in... hopefully i can reach 2-3 handicap next year

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Originally Posted by sean_miller View Post

OMG - you had to dice that up? I doubt you seriously need someone like me to prove to you that there've been modifications by eveyone who's anyone associated with S&T since it was first rolled out.


They haven't changed the pattern. The pattern - the swing - is exactly the same as it was in 2007.

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I have 3 herniated discs from 1981.

L3 through the S1

I have a right knee that is bone to bone in the medial compartment due to a shredded meniscus.

I have a slightly torn/stretched right shoulder rotator cuff.

I almost quit this game.

Got a kidney stone.

Got klebsillia pneumonia back in February and didn't get rid of it till June-ish.

Was peeing blood for 2 plus months.

Anyway I can't swing a club like you are supposed to. My back and knee brace won't let me.

But I tried this today on 9 holes and I have to say, if I take my time and swing slowly on the back swing, I hit the ball better today than I have in 6 plus months. Maybe 10 months.

I can't say it got me down the fairway any further, but it got me down the fairway.

When swung smoothly I was always in the fairway.

Took 3 or 4 holes to get the knack of it. I was rushing it. Slowed down and it worked fine.

I used my 3 wood off the grass both on the tee and the fairway to give it a real test.

That's my experience. I'm sticking with it, going to give it some practice at the range and see if it doesn't continue to allow me to swing and not cause any pain to my broken parts.


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