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We have gotten to impact.


Here is a link to a slow motion down swing all feed back welcome lesson posted on blog.



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Wow !

Vegas , I think you've done amazingly well in a few short months !

I'd love to see your videos from the start played with/beside this current set .

Now that you are swinging at a ball ( and in this latest video , it wasn't getting airborne )

it seems that you may be sort of "picking" at it even though your positions look so good.

Maybe using Bobby Clampett's suggestion of looking at a point about 4 inches in front of the 

ball will help you get over on the left side a little more , and give you contact with a descending club head ,

and move the lowest point of the swing out ahead of the ball .

You're NOT flipping at the ball , and seem to have a flat left wrist.............all of which is awesome !

Keep up the good work,


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Thanks Michael


Here is that latest swing this phase is taking me a long time. With the holidays I had to go three weeks between lessons and my non perfect practice lead to a non perfect back swing. We seem to have gotten that back and I fell like I am making progress again. This weeks practice thought is to get my hands correct at the top of back swing so I can hold the lag to impact. Take a look


Oh and mike on my blog I do have some side by sides. 



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Just a quick update We are now working on impact and it is a Bitch.   I can do the hip bump, the hip turn and get my hands ahead of the ball but not all three at the same time. have been at this place for two months now.  Also just .messed up  my back so will miss some time for a while. eight lessons left to get a swing I can use on the course.  Good thing is I now have an idea of where I need to go. Just can not get there

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