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Whats your best score this season?

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With the season coming to an end here pretty fast (in Canada anyways) just curious to see what some of your best scores were this season?


I only Played about 7 rounds this season :( and my best was an 85.  Was really wishing to play more but just had a extremely busy summer.  Hope some of you broke 80. That was my goal but just didn't happen this year.   O well there is always next year.

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I just got back into golf after about a 3 year layoff . started again in July once a week . last week shot my best of the year 77 , not my best ever though . just got to get my dad back on track , I go with him the most and yikes . being with the itch will be totally revamping my clubs come spring . which in turn means I won't be able to afford a club membership next year .
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79 at my home course

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80 on a par 72.  Have not broke that mark yet.

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I have 2 best rounds depending on the course difficulty....Lowest Score of 2012=69..........par72....72.5CR 137slope 6564yds



The other is an even par round of 72..........75.1CR 141 slope 7121yds. They're pretty much a tie when considering the course ratings, but I'm more proud of the 72. 

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Low score this year was a 80, and I finished triple bogey, double bogey, bogey, bogey, bogey!  I chocked.

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113... first 18 holes that I played though.  62 through the front and 51 on the back.  In NC so my season never really ends.  Hoping to break 100 before the end of the year.

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80 (+9). Eight over 44 on the front, mostly due to some shaky tee shots. One over 36 on the back, where I hit all six fairways and only missed two greens. Pretty much the story of my golfing life.

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7 over 77...... with 6 penalty strokes.

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shot 76 twice, 77 three times. shot 79 my first round of the year. highest round of the year was a 93.... absolutely pathetic round.

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72 at Bella Collina CC last month...including a birdie on the 18th to get it. Went eagle-birdie on 6 & 7 too. 


Also has two 71s at a par 69 course, but the 72 was a much better round.

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Shot 82 three times as my best 18, but I had a 38 on a 9 hole round with 2 three putts.......  I just couldn't do anything wrong that round, it seemed.  Went out the next day all happy and proceeded to shoot a 94.

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Shot an 85 on a par 72, 6,500 yards. My goal this year was to regularly be in mid to lower 80's. More work to do.
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85 has been my best so far............    I started playing last October and my goal was to be consistently in the the 90's  by the time I had been playing a year.    I made that mark and got the 85 on one round (my only trip below 90)..     For my second year, the goal is to get to the low 90's/high 80's consistently and to get at least 9 holes below 40.   I was close to that when I shot the 85 (41 on the back 9), so I don't think these are unreasonable goals for my second year of golf...

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82 at rancho san joauqin in irvine california. par 72 6500 yd course. hot as hell but pulled three birds to end the round and shot most pars the rest of the round

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81 my 1st round out on Jan. 6th.
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82.  Though I shot an 81 over two 9-hole rounds one weekend.

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Originally Posted by LBlack14 View Post

81 my 1st round out on Jan. 6th.

Ouch.........your low round was the first....and the best you could do all year?   How can this be??


LOL...your avatar is fitting for this thread...


How many times did you play this year?  10 times?

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