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73 (+2) during the forward tees experiment with 3 lost balls, 74 (+3) twice, once with 6 birdies from the whites at Keystone River, but my low index round was actually a 76 (+4) from the blues at my dad`s home course in L.A.   

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Low for me was a 79 on a par 70... first (and so far only) time I've broken 80... Season is just starting here really though, so we'll see if I can pull that off again.

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85 - Black Bear course (NJ)  white tee's.

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77 on a par 72. Last Sunday I shot 79 and I was 6 over on the par 3's! Tut, tut! :)

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72, but my season isnt over!

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Sounds like a lot of you have had some pretty solid rounds this year.  Im heading out monday and hoping to break 80 as it will be probably be my last round.  

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97 (I finally broke 100 this year).  Even better for me what my worst scores are.  I have come down to an average scores of 107 to 113.  This is way down from last year and the beginning of this year where I was in the high 120's on a regular basis.

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Shot 83 last weekend to finally beat my previous personal best of 84, which was 2 years ago. My goal this season was to shoot in the 80's more consistently since after my round of 84 (again, 2 years ago) I had been shooting in the 90's. I'm happy to report that I had quite a few rounds in the 80's this season. Lessons help.

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I shot a 95 once this year, and if it wasn't for some HORRIBLE putts I could have broken 90 that day.  I was hitting my irons better than usual which was nice.

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37+37=74, 3 over, my all time personal best by two strokes over previous best. The funny thing is, although I drove well, I didn't hit my irons any better than I did in many good rounds (80-82) this year, the difference was totally short game: 28 putts from good putting, chipping, and pitching. With my average short game, it would have been around 80.

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Best round of the year was a mixed bag upon the finish...67 with a double on 18 and a 70 with a double on 17...ouch! The first was just a double cross into the wind, just didn't find the ball and had to re-tee, the second was just a brain fade...double form 100 yards in...fat, fatter and 3 putts...It's been a good year overall.

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Shot an even par 32 on an executive 9 hole layout. First time I ever shot even par anywhere. Usually shoot low 80's. 


My 12 year old son, Andrew, played in a junior golf league this summer where they give the kids a 30 minute lesson and then send them out to play 6 holes with other kids. He really wanted to have me come and play "his" course with him. Was very cool to have "the old man" show him how it's done and shoot even par. I have the scorecard on the mantle next to my hole-in-one ball.

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I shot 80 once this year and 81 a couple of times...79 is very elusive for me.

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