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You changed your "long club" grip, and are hitting them better and longer...


One thing to consider: any chance you're overswinging on the wedges, as result of getting more boom out of long sticks? Overswinging could cause you to decelerate on follow-through, or go over the top, either of which could cause you to chunk the shots.


Also, if you're playing musical wedge mix, it will take you a few rounds to "get the feel" of a new batch, even if  you do the Dave Pelz thing. I'm not surprised you're having confidence problems, if Thursday's Vokey SW looks strange compared to the CG16 SW you used Tuesday.


I have a set of the new SLDR irons, and played them for three weeks while getting my Callaway X20 Tours reshafted from PX 5.0 to NS Pro 8950GH (R.flex).


I finally played the reshafted X20Ts today, and they just feel different with the lighter shafts; and, they look different at address than the SLDRs. It was a wild round with the irons.


Changing the discussion back to wedges, if you keep swapping things around, you're not giving yourself time to get used to anything.


Also, go with Pelz or Stockton, not Pelz and Stockton. The two are side-by-side on my bookshelf, but each approaches the short game differently. Pelz* wants mechanical precision, and suggests using four or five wedges. Stockton talks about "unconscious scoring," and suggests you get the wedge mix which fits your game (probably three).


Note: Pelz now works for Cleveland Golf Co., and sports a white beard. He looks rather different now than he did on the dust cover of Short Game Bible, published in 2000.