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What golf ball did you play with in your last round? - Page 3

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Callaway HX Diablo Tour, I think I just found my new ball!

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It's finally cold in Tx and I'm not a super long hitter so I suffer with high compression balls in the winter. I read a lot of gushing threads on how awesome the Wilson Duo  is so I bought a dozen and was pleasantly surprised. Long ball for me, putts well, obviously doesn't spin a lot but when it's cold and there is dew on the ground nothing is going to roll a lot anyway. I'll probably be playing this for the winter and saving my stock of TP3's and E5's for the summer. 

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Pro V1x Testers...spent a lot of time in the fairway...which I'm told is not a bad place to be...haven't spent too much time there in the past decades...

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PV1x but I just put sleeves of E6's in the bag to use this weekend. Been going back and forth with those two balls.

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This thread just popped up on my facebook feed and reminded me that on my last round - per Titleist's directions - I played my usual ball for 9 holes (ProV1x) and then the sleeve of "test" balls that they sent me a couple of weeks ago.


Now I gotta go report back on my findings.  (Seemed pretty similar although slightly lower ball flight - probably more me than the ball)

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Wilson Smartcore Orange ball, wanted a ball that did not cost a lot so it would not matter how many I could not find in the ample supply of leaves on the fairway and rough, was thinking maybe I'll see these orange critters easier, they were a little easier to track in the air and against the grey windy sky, but I still had a hard tiime finding them ion the ground..........................................

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TP5 and NXT Tour

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Originally Posted by NuclearMike View Post

Top Flite Gamer V2.  Great price (<$20/ Dozen), more than adequate spin, and as long or longer than the Pro V1.


I play Gamer for similar reasons. Mid-spin ball -  will stop on one hop on partial wedges. Has a little check spin, but not so much sidespin as a premium ball that would sping me into rough on mishits.


Golf Digest rated it a couple of years ago as an almost premium ball for below $20.


I got a comparison ball-fitting this summer, and Bridgestone estimates its e6 will give me 11 yards more on drives than the Gamer. I have 2 doz. Gamers left, so I'll have to compare them with e6 and see if I can generate any stopping power with e6.


NuclearM, it will be interesting to see what happens on the Gamers. I've seen spot shortages over the last 3 years, but was usually able to find some in another part of state if they were missing locally. Don't know if they're more popular than production run can handle, or if they will hit the endangered species list.


(Part of it is my fault, I fear. It seems like whenever I adopt a golf ball model, it get discontinued in 48 months.)

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Bought a dozen RBZ's on sale, and I actually like them.  I'll probably buy a couple more dozen while they're on sale.  Once it gets colder here, I'll likely switch though, I'm not sure how they'll feel when it's 40* outside.

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I've found out that Dick's Sporting Goods is getting the Top Flite brand from Callaway... if it survives, you'll only be getting them through Dick's or Golf Galaxy...

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Played Bridgestone E6s this week. Really liked them. Long and straight. Didn't hold the greens too well, but I usually play for a roll.

I'll be using these for a while.

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