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Anyone use Cobra Amp Driver.

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Thinking about investing in one. Read some reviews. Any of you have stories about them? The newer orange ones.

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This could be a good thread for me, a good buddy was looking at the AMP series for next season, so I'll keep an eye out.

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I use it and I pretty much like it, It is set to neutral, my common miss is left.


I do like the gray head.

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Had one and liked it. My problem was my shaft spine was out 90* and i sent it in for a new shaft and was told it would be a month. Said screw that and got a Nike VR Pro Ltd and love it. The Amp though is a sweet driver.
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Just bought the Amp 3W and 22* hybrid and I am really impressed with both. Haven't hit the driver yet but I imagine more of the same. Things I immediately noticed are they produce a unique sound at impact, a dull click type of sound. If you demo one make sure that doesn't fool you into thinking you aren't making good contact if you are hitting into a net. I have a friend looking for new gear, specifically a 3w and possibly a driver and I suggested he try the Amp line. After his demo at Golf Galaxy he was convinced it wasn't the club for him, the sound and I suspect faulty launch monitor data being the cause. He swore he was only hitting the 3w an average of 175y.


I've only had the clubs a few days but I've been out with them 3 times. Played 18 yesterday with my regular Sun group, including the guy that tried the Amp 3w at GG the day before. After seeing my big hit from the 1st tee he asked to try the 3w on the 2nd and smashed it further than I've seen him hit a driver all year. Following that I hit it further down fairway #2 than I have all summer. The combo of the 3w and the hybrid chewed up the par 5's. Long, tough, country club par 5's that I struggle to hit GIR. If not for one chunked SW I would have hit all the par 5's GIR.


Anyway by the end of the round all had been impressed with the Cobra's, calling it the magic club. It may not be for you but it's worth a look. My recommedation is start with the 3w. I hit it nearly as far as my best driver hits and far more consistent. It's long, really long for a 3w. I haven't even messed around with adjusting it. At the neutral setting it feels fine to me and my misses aren't as far off, one way or the other.

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Played the first round with my AMP driver today, and it's a freakin' awesome club!  I got the 10.5 head.  Spent some time on the range this morning before our round swinging it, trying it at both the open and closed settings and playing with tee heights and ball positions.  Ended up keeping it at neutral, although I never bought the club because of the adjustable face angle.


I can go after this one and still keep it in the fairway.  My best two drives were on #7 and #9, both just over 250 and change.  Drive on #7 had me right in the middle of the fairway, and #9 is a dogleg right that I was able to fade it around the corner and left me with a 9 iron into the green when in the past I would usually have around a 7 iron.


It does hit the ball high, higher than my old Diablo Edge and Wishon 919 (both 11* advertised) but I am getting much better distance and tighter dispersion out of it, so I won't complain at all.  c3_clap.gif


Dave2512 - I agree with you on the sound, not tinny, but a solid click.  I really like it.

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Got this driver from ebay was a great price new, used it today on 18 and have to say I love this thing.

My father in law who has endless pockets has the very best money can buy, I was out driving him on every hole by no less then 50 yards. I had not even taken it to the rang, the orange you will get used to.

But like all equipment it has to fit you!

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Yeah, this thing is a beast, I'm loving it.  I didn't get the all orange one, but the standard one with the silver crown.  Really a great looking club.

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I have a staff bag practically filled with modern drivers of all manufacturers in my garage - always seemed to be something I didn't like about each of them  ... finally went to a fitting & tried about everything currently available.    The launch monitor told me the Amp offset was the driver for me.    I've since put about 10 rounds on it ... the launch monitor data definitely translates to the course - I've NEVER hit a driver so consistently - not longer than any others, but straight - I actually hit what I'm trying to hit most of the time.     My miss is a pull though, which is directly attributed to a swing flaw I know how to fix ... as opposed to my miss being a wicked banana slice I couldn't reliably predict or fix with other drivers.     Totally happy with it - I've seen sales for the offset model for $129 recently ... unbelievable deal.    I liked it so much, I picked up the matching Amp 3 wood - which I have set closed, so it's actually a 4 wood now.     Loving that too.     I'm far from a Ricky fanboi, and the Amp was probably the LAST driver I expected to walk away with when I went in for the fitting ... but I'm very happy with the choice.     The RIP gray shaft with the orange eyes on the skull & crossbones is just badass too.   Only downside - the driver is so quiet - sounds almost like a 3 wood...   

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Originally Posted by SacGolf89 View Post

My problem was my shaft spine was out 90* and i sent it in for a new shaft and was told it would be a month.

You're kiddin'???
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inthehole - Yeah the prices are great right now.  I got mine for $140.  I love the sound, kind of a dull click, not the soup can ting.  I keep saying it must have a gyro in it, because it is almost impossible to hit a bad shot with it.  And I am really surprised that with the 45.75" length, I can hit the center of the face pretty consistently. I usually play my drivers at 43.5" to 44".  But I'm not going to touch this one, it's too long and accurate just as it is. 


I liked the irons too, and have a set on order.  The best thing I liked about them are the mishits were far less punishing than my current irons.  And I can work them at will, something I can't easily do with the KE4's. 


Not a Rickie fanboy either, but these clubs simply work too good to ignore.  Never thought I would have a Cobra in my bag.  

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So you also ordered the irons, I was looking at them yesterday, between the wife, kids and inlaws I have enogh gifts cards for Xmas coming to order new irons also.

I was looking at them, but could not deside on any yet, Callway like I have always owned, RBZ and the Cobras.

With or with out hybrids to may options out there. But one thing I noticed they seem to all be very close.

But the orange grows on you.

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I have 4-GW on order.  Probably won't use the 4 iron, and I have already have hybrids that I like that will fill in the gaps nicely.  


I actually like the orange.  And since I use PURE Grips, i can just blow them off the old clubs and blow them on the new ones.  So the only orange one sees on the driver is on the sole, and that's hardly ever seen anyhow.  


I pulled my 6 iron and put the AMP 7 iron I bought off eBay in my bag for this weekend (they are basically the same club).  The difference in the feel was definitely noticeable!  It is such a smooth feeling impact, on the good hits you don't really feel the contact with the ball, you just see it fly.  


A great ball flight is a beautiful sight, no matter which club hit it.  c2_beer.gif

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i've just got a r11s from golfredefined but I know they have the cobra amp as well...you can choose from 2 lofts and 2 shafts...and just take it for a demo. pretty cool service that allows you to try out different drivers...

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I have a 9.5 x flex and I really like it. I hit the 55 gram stiff a little high in the store, but really liked the feel. Took a chance and ordered a 65 gram x flex on eBay brand new for $145. Pretty much perfect for me. Lowered the flight and the shaft feels really stout. Most stores don't have the 65 gram shafts in stock. They have a stiff and x stiff in 65 gram. If you need on of these you can get them on eBay. I'll probably get the amp 3 wood and maybe a hybrid.
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Originally Posted by Coleoneps View Post

Thinking about investing in one. Read some reviews. Any of you have stories about them? The newer orange ones.

try one out first before you purchase one...

great service that allows you to demo whatever driver you want - they ship it to you and you can keep it for as long as you like

i signed up a few months ago - have tried the Ping anser (9.5, stiff) and the r11s (r11s, 10.5)

will try the TMr1 when it is available

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yes mate I have the 9.5 stiff, only had it for several rounds feels smother throughout entire swing then my r11 and a little color in the bag doesn't hurt.

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Literally bought the grey AMP driver this afternoon. Went to buy some balls and ended up on the launch monitor with my friend.

I hit every driver in the shop including my current R11. The AMP was straighter, longer and much higher ball flight. In each case by a lot! To say I was gobsmacked would be an understatement. I also never thought id have a Cobra in my bag!

Im now looking at my current 3 and 5 woods and thinking.......should I get a full set in different colours?!?

A definite try before you buy. AMP driver is a great club.
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