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If you are looking at woods do not forget to try the Callaway X Hot,  I got it in a 4 wood and I am getting 20+ yards more then my cobra 3 wood.

I use the AMP driver and love it by the way.

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Ok, thanks, will give both the 3 & 5 a whirl.

Did like the X Hot driver but the ball flight with the AMP was much more appealing.

Forgot to mention today was the first time I've ever been fitted for a club. Invaluable experience.

Dread to think how much cash I've wasted on clubs which simply weren't right.
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Just took my new Cobra AMP Cell Pro purchase from Global Golf to the range:


Men's Right Cobra AMP Cell Pro Silver Driver Adjustable Loft,

Standard Lie, Length Standard, Stiff, Graphite, Matrix OZIK 6M3 Black Tie.


Condition: Excellent. As far as I could tell, this club had never been hit when examined - it looked brand new. Ditto for the 'used' head cover. Price: about $135 plus a head cover and wrench.


This club just blew away my trusty Callaway FT-3 Tour 8.5 with an NV-65 S shaft. Despite it's low launch, low-spin spec, the Matrix Black Tie shaft (stiff) has more life in the hands when waggled firmly and provides better feedback during the swing. Still very firm, but just more lively. I liked the Cobra AMP Cell tech story, the look, and adjust-ability, so I spent some time researching the shaft characteristics of the shafts they offer and essentially used my Adilda NV-65 as a baseline. Between the manufacturer's spec and video discussion, user comments/reviews at various sites, and my feelings about the way the NV-65 had performed, I ended up looking for AMP Celll Pro drivers with the Black Tie shaft. Had I not found a used one, I would likely have sprung for a new one. What I got, though, was a club 95% as good as a Bio Cell+ w/o the butt-ugly crown graphics at 33% of the price.


I started with the loft set to 8.5 to see how the launch angle compared and it was comparable on good swings. But the feel of the ball coming off the face is on another planet. Sounds like a sledge hammer hitting a rail road spike and just explodes off the face. I was a bit stunned at the difference after the first swing.  After a dozen or so drives, I adjusted the loft to 10.5 degrees. My best swings appeared to land significantly farther down range than on the 8.5 degree setting. Hard to tell overall length since we hit into/over the crest of a slope, plus my eyes have a hard time tracking the ball at this distance, but I may just stick with the higher loft. What's nice, especially when buying off the web, is that I can adjust at will. 


Regarding mishits, I did hit some high on the club-face and a few on the toe and heel. The AMP Cell Pro is much more forgiving than the FT-3 on these hits. Really bad swings get similar really bad results. Really good swings just make you want to stand in the batters box and pose for the cameras before beginning your trot. The contact just resonates. 


I hit a few with the FT-3 at the end of my session, and it now just feels dead in my hands and off the face. Amazing, because the FT-3 is as good as it got in 2005. I was expecting maybe a small difference given the level of technology in the FT-3, but the AMP Cell Pro with the Matrix Black Tie shaft just blows it away. 


Bottom line. Great driver and shaft in great condition at a great price. Easy to align. Easy to adjust. Great performance.

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Originally Posted by Golden View Post

I use it and I pretty much like it, It is set to neutral, my common miss is left.


I do like the gray head.

I used one for a little while.  May sound ridiculous but I found the neutral setting had it wanting to go left and the open setting had me losing it to the right.  I needed finer resolution that the "simple" 3-position adapter that the AFT provides.

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