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I got a lesson once at a clinic that included Erik Barzeski. b2_tongue.gif


Actually, I never played golf with him, but I met Julius Erving on a golf course. At PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens. Funny anecdote about that - I was playing with my friend Gary who is a great guy but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Anyway we're playing & word gets out the Dr. J is on the grounds filming a commercial. So when we finish our round I look over at the practice green & there he is surrounded by about 20 people. So me & Gary walk over.


On our way there, Gary turns to me & says "Which one is Dr. J?"


I just fixed him with a look & said, "Gosh Gary, do you think it might be the black guy that's a foot taller than everyone else?"


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I was lucky enough to have been the golf buisness. I got to meet a number of famous people.


Got to play many rounds with Walt Hriniak (former Red Sox batting coach) and Carl Yastremski. Bacame friends with both.

My best story though, was before I got in the golf buisness. Late in the afternoon, I showed up at the course I played regularly as a single. I was told that I could go to the 10th tee and join a threesome making the turn. I met them on the tee and introduced myself. All three were friends and one by one they introduced themselves and we went off and played. In those 9 holes, I never laughed so hard in my life. I had just finished playing 9 holes with Mike Mcarthey, Lenny Clark, and Denis Leary. 

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A couple months back, I played with former MLB outfielder Steve Braun. Joined up with him on the 8th hole and played the rest of the round with him and 2 of his friends. Fun guy to shoot with, hit the ball fairly well too for an older guy.

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Originally Posted by turtleback View Post

I once played with Rusty, the bailiff for Judge Wapner on the original People's Court.

For some reason I find this to be the coolest post here. :)

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Chuck Evans and Catrin Nilsmark...today....!!!
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Gilbert Dionne, when he was with the Cincinnati Cyclones. An older gentleman that worked part time at the club I worked was head of personal security for the Cyclones. We got out together a few times. He won a Stanley Cup in 1993 with the Montreal Canadiens.


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Mia Hamm, Nomar Garciaparra, Brady Quinn, Darran Sharper, Jackie Joyner, Darren McFadden, and Rich Beem to name a few. It was a First Tee celebrity tournament 

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O.J. Simpson played in the foursome behind mine at a LA muni in the 90s.  Because there was a wait on every tee, he might as well played in our foursome.  I hate to admit it, but he was a really nice guy who initiated a lot of small talk.

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Tom Lehman ( he was 16!) Brett Hull
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That would be cool to play with one,but no one yet.
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David Toms when he was a junior golfer and I was around 24. It was obvious that he was going to be great. 

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Wally Uihlein Achusnet CEO Have played many times. His wife is quite the golfer also!

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Sidney Crosby. Played 18 with him in July 2011.

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Sidney Crosby? Wow! That'd be cool. Would also love to play with Vida Blue. Keep them coming!

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Head of NFL Referees at one time: Jerry Seeman (did Super Bowls, and a lot of years as a ref).  Very bad golfer - God awful swing. Met him through a family member and joined up for a round of golf. I won $1 off him and was never paid.


On another outing, asked to join a group on the first tee - didn't know who I was joining - Beasley Reece (ex-DB NYG and Bucs, sportscaster) and Bob Papa (broadcaster). They both were in Augusta for boxing Golden Gloves. As a big Bucs fan, it was cool talking to Beasley during breaks in play about his years in Tampa. He had a good game.


Never golf with him, but Charles Howell III used to dart around our group with his golf cart and play the course alone where I was a member at Jones Creek, Augusta, GA. Same place I played w/ Reece. I think Charles was about 15-17 yrs old at the time.  Good to see him successful now.

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I remember Jerry!  He was my favorite ref.  My wife and I used to call him "Smiley" because no matter what the call, he seemed to have a smile on his face.  He went on to be supervisor of officials if I remember right.


(EDIT)  Yeah, you said that.  I should learn to read.

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The one round I played at Atunyote was the week before the PGA Tour Event there. The course was empty. There were only 3 of us on the practice range: me, my buddy I was golfing with, and Vijay Singh. Apparently he had missed the cut at the previous tourney in NJ and flew straight to Turning Stone to practice before the rest of the tour arrived. He did not join us on our round though.

I played Hilton Head with a WVU football player. He was their starting TE and I can't even remember the dudes name. He hit the ball a ton.
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I played with Phil Chenier a few weeks ago.  I'm not a basketball fan and had never heard of him, but a lady we played with knew and whispered to me on the first tee "we have a celebrity in our group!"


Chenier is the TV color guy for the Wizards and played for the Bullets.  

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