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My Swing (ryan28367)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 5 Years 

My current handicap index or average score is: 17 (average 9 hole score- low 40's)

My typical ball flight is: Slight Fade

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Fat Irons



Hey guys hows it going? So I've been playing a lot of golf this summer and became completely addicted. I have played on and off for 5 years but this year have gotten much more serious and cant stop trying to improve. So I usually try and get 1-2 rounds in per week, but now that the colder weather is approaching in the northeast, its getting harder. This winter I want to keep at it and improving. So for my swing, I know that on the backswing I tend to sway or move my lower body a little too much. I have been trying to coil better around my lower body but it tends to be difficult and akward at times. I am wondering if you guys have any other drills for that? Other than my swaying, I feel as though I am falling back too much, which may be from the swaying. My mishits with the driver are usually a small slice, but if I concentrate on the release I can usually get it fairly straight. With my irons, the mishits are fat and hitting the ground first. This is my biggest issue, because I can not get clean and crisp iron shots. Well let me know what you guys think and if you see anything else in my videos feel free to let me know! Thanks for the comments. 







Driver : Face On 1




Driver: Down the Line 1

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first video is private

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The best drill I know to prevent swaying is to place a ball under the outside of your back (right) foot. This causes you to have your weight on the inside of that foot. It also pretty much prevents you from swaying back because you'll likely break your ankle (kidding). Really my only swing thought, and it's more of a pre-swing "feel" is to feel like I'm pushing down into the ground with the inside of my right foot. You don't want to coil around the center of your right leg, you want to coil around the inside of it. If this doesn't make sense, I'll try to post a picture when I get home from work to demonstrate.

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Hitting fat shots is often one of a few things


1)  A setup which does not promote a ball-grass-ground (in that order) contact.  This is by FAR the biggest reason for many golfers.  If you're not setup for a swing that's going to bottom out in front of the ball, why would you expect it to?


2)  Casting the club on the downswing (early release)


3)  Excessive movement, either during the backswing (such as swaying) or in an effort to get back to the ball in the downswing (such as dipping the shoulder).  Often the latter occurs as a result of the first. Geauxforbroke's suggestion of putting a ball under the outside of the right foot is a good one to work on eliminating swaying.


Although the title of this video deals with topped shots, it's a great video to show you how proper setup makes it difficult not to hit the ball first.


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So I dont know why the first video was set to private but here it is again, Face on View Driver (Quality isnt the best)




geaux i have tried that drill at the range a few times, it seems to not stick once I get out on the course. Although if i keep thinking to myself to coil around my inner foot that does seem to help a bit. When I do that though, sometimes I feel that my swing is coming off plane in a bad way, but idk it may just be me.

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Things I saw with my amateur eye:


1)  You are definitely swaying.  


2)  Your stance is a bit open at address, which doesn't help with that slice.


3)  You hinge your wrists immediately upon takeaway as you take the club almost straight up.   In short, it looks like you're making a short iron swing with your driver. There's no need to hinge your wrists manually - they'll hinge by themselves at the top.  If you take the club back longer (i.e. keep it close to the ground for 6 inches or so) it will help promote the wider swing you need for a driver.


4) You've got a chicken wing as you come through the ball, possibly caused by the too-steep swing.  This is probably the main culprit in the slice, and why you have success when you concentrate on release.


Hope it helps.

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Wadesworld thanks for the comments, I appreciate it. 


1.) Yes I know I am swaying, idk why I have that habit. I going to spend the next few weeks strictly on staying on my inside right foot. 


2.) I noticed that as well on this video, but usually I am pretty square to my target. Guess it happens sometimes. 


3.) Thats a great point because I have not noticed that until you just said something. Its definitely creating a steeper swing path. In regards to my irons, is hinging that early   OK for those types of swings? And yes I agree about that chicken wing there. I think has a lot to do with my takeway and steep path. 


If anyone see's anything else in there feel free! Thanks

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Originally Posted by ryan28367 View Post

3.) Thats a great point because I have not noticed that until you just said something. Its definitely creating a steeper swing path. In regards to my irons, is hinging that early   OK for those types of swings? And yes I agree about that chicken wing there. I think has a lot to do with my takeway and steep path. 


If anyone see's anything else in there feel free! Thanks


In my view, the only time when your wrists should hinge early is on some short game shots, such as a chip/pitch if you use the hinge/hold technique, or say on a bunker shot against the back lip where you've got to come in steeply to get the club on the ball.


On a full swing shot, your wrists should hinge naturally.  They will, as a result of your right arm naturally folding on the backswing.


Here's a couple of other drills you can use to work on your swaying.  The purpose of the feet together drill is to keep you better centered and balanced and teach you the feel of staying centered.  The purpose of the one-leg drill is to help you get the feeling of staying strong on the left side.  This is kind of an addendum video, but I think you'll get the point - if not, just search "Shawn Clement feet together" or "Shawn Clement one leg" on YouTube and you'll find the original videos.



Of course working with a pro on these items would be the most effective way to resolve them.

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Thanks a lot, I will watch those videos after, seeing as though I cant listen to them now. Then hit the range tonight

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Hey guys so Ive been working a lot with trying to coil around my body better and stay centered (not sway) and it is going fairly well. It has really helped my driver, as I can control it a lot better and no more slices. My misses now seem to be pushes, which seems to happen when I really focus on releasing the club. Now that my driver is much better, my iron play has decreased and I cant seem to get consitent contact. Idk what I am doing but I try to make the same moves as my driver, otehr than set up. I have been hitting the mat first at the range and can tell those shots would be fat in play. So here are some updated videos. I only have one with a 7 iron but let me know what you guys think. I need help on this iron swing now!




Driver DTL




Driver Face On




7 Iron Face On

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I have watched like all of shawn clements videos in the past week, so although my skills don't warrant commentary, I can say that it looks like you just aren't turning you hips enough and your body is getting in the way of the arms.  Check out the medicine ball video of Shawn's as it forces you to get your body out of the way.  For fat shots, Shawn encourages not making your ball the target as it will force you to try and come more down on the ball.  He likens it to chopping wood with an axe, but if you focus on a target out in front of you, and your setup/club is positioned right, then the ball will be in your path as you pass through to the target.

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Hey guys, been a while since Ive posted a new swing. Ive been working on my iron game inside, since I live in the north east. I have been having trouble with falling back on the follow through. I know this a result of a reverse spine angle I have. Its very hard to fix, so if anyone has any good drills for that feel free to let me know. Also feel free to comment on any other swing faults you see in my two videos. Thanks for the help!




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Haven't posted a swing since last year, and since I have greatly improved it I'd figure I would post it up. Also, I just started Evolvr last week and have had my first response. I can not wait to keep working with these guys and continue building. This past week i began working on more knee flex at address, rounded shoulders, and keeping my head down (central vision of ball). Also on the backswing I am trying to straighten my right leg while moving hip inwards, while allowing my left knew to gain flexion. Let me know what  you guys think! And I know I know I still cant get rid of that damn chicken wing!


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Posture: Don't arch the lower back. I think your head is to far down. Think brim of your hat pointing at the ball, not inside it. That you look a bit to close to the ball. I try to keep a hands width between the body and the butt end of the club. 


A bit of a lateral sway with the hips there in the backswing. Get that lower posture better, and get the hips to open up more, as well as keeping that front knee from banking towards the ball. 


You definitly need to work on Key 3, flat left wrist. 



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Ya flat left wrist needs a lot of work. I've always had that chicken wing and flip at impact, which I am determined to get id of. Since I've only had one video reviewed I'm simply working on the the set up and backswing I get things started. Then build on that and incorporate more keys. I don't want to try and fix 3 or 4 keys at once.

With regards to my lower back, i have heard that by endless amounts of people including my evolvr instructor. My spine naturally arches inward and has my entire life. It helps to suck in stomach a bit, but that does not fully straighten it out.

Any good tips or drills to get my hips to open up more?
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Figured I'd post up recent videos. Not muh change as you can see. I've even trying to work on more wrist hinge and adding some flex to the right knee. I realize I have many other issues but I'm taking it one step at a time with evolvr.

Few questions.... Does it look like I'm coming over the top?
And also I have had that chicken wing since I can remember. I've heard it can be from multiple flaws. Does anyone see the main problem resulting in my chicken wing?
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Slightly, but that is because you don't get your left wrist ahead of the ball and flat at impact. Your flipping at the ball, so that is naturally an over the top move because it causes the path to dive to the left. 


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Thanks for the video I'll try and work on that. So your saying that I am coming over the top as a result of flipping at the ball?

I take it that's why I get bunched up through impact as well and my left arm chicken wings.
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