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Originally Posted by tuffluck View Post

Are the beryllium ones the only ones worth a lot? I see a ton of non beryllium eye 2 sets on craigslist for about 100-300 bucks. Should i be snatching those up??


That seems to be the going rate for the steel sets. I don't know about snatching up;it's hard to tell where the fickle world of collecting will go. They were very popular, so a lot out there. If you see a B/C set for $300, that would be a definite snatch up though; they go for a lot more used. The black dot seems hardest to find-odd since it is standard length/lie, but PING was one of the first to offer fitting, so a lot of people went that route, hence more out there of something other than standard.
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I came across this board as I searched for Ping Berillium Irons- If anyone is interested, I have a set of the Ping Eye 2 Berillium irons 3-SW, that have only had about 5 rounds played with them. I am looking to sell- if interested I can be reached at wbevels@gmail.com. I live in Memphis and inherted these as well as a set of nickel Ping ISI- in great shape. Please email if interested. Thanks.

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opps- please forgive the typo.. inherited

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Hi all,

finding this post while searching for informations about PING Eye 2 Irons.

First let me introduce myself: My name is Hermann and i´m from Germany. Playing Golf not that long , only a few years.

So coming to my little problem.

Got a set of green dotted eye irons together with a lot of other golf stuff and wanted to sell them on Ebay. 

Now i found out, as an interested guy asked, that 4 of the irons (4,6,8 and the L oft-wedge) have a "+"-sign in the head.

Can anybody of you tell me what that means and if it is a problem for the whole set if on club does have it and another not ?


Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Best regards from Germany


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Has anyone checked EBay lately? I just watched a set of  BeCu 1 thru SW go for over $1800. Thinking of selling mine now.

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Herman the German?? Serious?
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It is serious ;-)

BUT, Hermann with 2 "N´s"  :-D

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