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Putters are more personal than any other club, IMO. It just has to look and feel right, or it will not work. I have 2 Scotties, 2 Wilson 8800 series putters, an Oddyssee, and the SeeMore Si-4 that I use. They are all great clubs, but the SeeMore is the one im confident with all the time. It's the first putter that has gone in my bag, and not come out within a week to try one of my others again. I love it, it fits me perfect, and I putt better than ever with it. It just feels right, and lines up to my eye right.


Next year im going to donate the Oddyssee and Wilsons. Ill keep the Camerons, because I like the look of them, and may go back to them someday. One has only been used a few times, it was a limited edition McIlroy putter.

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My son uses a Nike Method 001 putter.  He loves it.  I notice that when it strikes a ball, there is instant roll and just no hopping at all, so it putts a very true line.

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I know it's old now but since my last post I've added even more putters to my collection so I wanted to add a bit more of my personal thoughts to it. Scotty putters (for me) are hands down the best for my putting style. I have acquired a Scotty Big Sur and a Scotty Golo as well as another NC Sub 30 Type 50 and a Nike Method Core 3i. The NC and Nike putters are great putters, well made, look good etc but a milled putter like the Scotty or Yes! are the only two I can reliably putt with. It seems like the insert putters have "hot spots" in the face. I spent probably 2 hours yesterday just rolling putts with the Nike on the practice green and when I hit it the same every time it was working wonders but a slight mishit resulted in either a dead putt or a bullet the wayyyy overshot my target. 


With the milled putters and my stroke anywhere within a 1/2 inch of the sweet spot will result in a comparable distance which means more made putts. Line has never really been a problem for me (I have a practice green at home and probably roll 200 putts a day) but I've always had distance control problems. The milled Scotty putters make that less of a problem for me so I score lower when using them. Granted, a severe off center hit will still be punished significantly but it's a putter, you aren't swinging it hard enough to do that often so I stick with my milled putters. 


Some people have completely opposite results, these are just mine.

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If you are collecting putters should consider picking up a Clay Long. I have his B 201.4 step back and I love it.
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