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I was actually going to start a thread about this product today.  I constantly fight an outside to in swing that creeps in as I get complacent and was curious how accurate this product would be in displaying that faulty swing path.  It'd be awesome if someone made a video swinging on different planes and was able to show if this device could catch those different planes.  Can anyone comment on the accuracy of this thing, or if a video like this exists?

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I watched the You Tube videos for both devices and I understand they bluetooth to another device. If you don't mind I have several questions, what device do you use to capture the data, your Smartphone, laptop, other bluetooth device? How far away can the recording device be from you when you are swinging a club? If you record the data on you smartphone, can you download the data to your computer when you get home? I'd love to look at the video of my swing but the smartphone appears to be a little small, even with the Samsung Galaxy SIII.


From what I've read (above) and watched on You Tube I'm leaning toward the swingbyte. Any feedback would be helpfull. Thanks

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Here is a pretty nice video that Martin Chuck did comparing the data of the 3 Bays GSA device to an indoor Trackman radar session.  Pretty interesting to see the two go head to head and compare data.  




Martin does an awesome job of comparing the device to Trackman... But it is with an 8i which Trackman reads as 84mph swing speed and the 3Bays GSA reads it as an 80mph swing speed.  


My concern is that as you go to longer clubs, and increase swing speeds, the variance - between Trackman and the 3Bays GSA device will grow larger, and thus the data will become useless as you get to clubs like the 3W and Driver.


Can any 3Bays GSA user comment on how accurate the device is with quicker swing speeds?  I'd be curious to see how accurate the data is for a guy with a 100+mph swing speed with a driver.  And compare those results to Trackman.

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I recently got the 3Bay GSA Pro, and I love mine.  I can see where snapping off the peg could happen, but all I can say about that is, you can SEE it's not very thick and that it's made of plastic, so don't force it into a hole that's too small.  I usually lube it a little (saliva as something quick works most of the times); you obviously want to avoid over lubricating it since that could cause some alignment problems during the swing.


I looked into the Swingbyte that Ben describes above, and read complaints about inaccurate metrics if you swing over 95 mph, so with Ben's 115+ mph swing, I'm surprised he's not experiencing problems -- unless that 115+ MPH swing is what Swingbyte is telling him! Sorry Ben, but when the average PGA Pro clubhead speed is 112, I'm having a hard time (1) buying your 115+ claim in the first place and (2) question why anyone with pro-caliber swing speed would even need something like a 3Bay GSA Pro or a Swingbyte.  Maybe one day when I'm more experienced, I'll understand.


My driver clubhead spead was measured by GolfSmith at 99 mph.  3Bay GSA Pro is showing 96, but I haven't used it with the driver much, so I may not have been fully warmed up yet.  Still, considering the method it uses to measure that (a device attached to the end of the handle), I'm impressed it even came that close.


Anyway, here's what I have to say about the 3Bay GSA Pro:


1.  If you don't have a lot of Bluetooth device experience, you might have issues with this because the instructions are vague (I read somewhere where someone asked what the blinking lights mean, and something about how to turn it off.  It's a Bluetooth.  There is no "off".  You just disconnect or unpair.  And the blinking lights are telling you its in "discover" mode.).  Fortunately, I do use a lot of Buetooth devices and I had no problems connecting to both my Samsung Galaxy S3 or my Asus Transformer notepad.  It works like a Bluetooth is supposed to.  Stay away from it if you don't know what that means.


2.  The biggest advantage is portability and ease/speed of setting up.  For example, this past weekend after 3 days of playing the same course, I suddenly lost my swing on the back 9.  I should have done this sooner, but on the 18th tee, I pulled out my 3 Bay GSA, fired it up in seconds, and teed off with no one noticing any delay in my play speed ... I immediately saw my problem (over the top, swinging outside to in).  I'm not aware of ANY device that can be set up that quickly.


3.  It's $200.  Don't expect the performance of a $1,000 system.  For $200, this thing is a gem.  Think about this: you've spent that much for one club head probably more than once in your life, and probably had a club that didn't work for you.  3Bay GSA works.  It's not precise, but it'll show you things you cannot feel.


4.  Consider that I'm a 20/21 handicap and I've only been playing for 5 years.  In my opinion, I'm not sure this device is worthwhile for an advanced player (i.e., someone with a 115+ mph club head spead).  I also wouldn't recommend it to someone who hasn't had formal golf lessons.  Knowing that your swing is, for example, "over the top and outside to in" is one thing.  Knowing what to do about that is altogether a different issue.  For me, I've been seeing a pro weekly since May when my handicap was 34 (my GHIN number is 0222551 -- so if you don't believe that I made a 14 point improvement in 6 months, look it up and see it for yourself ).  I've been intense with golf this year, and my lessons are winding down.  To me, this was the perfect time to get this device because now I have the knowlege and I only need to work on the consistency.


5.  I don't like that it doesn't tell me "HOW" open/closed my club face is.


6.  "Carry distance" seems about right, or maybe a little short to me, based on what I've measured on a course over the past several months.  I can normally reach 150-160 with my 7 iron.  3Bay GSA is showing my carry distance as 145.  But then this is south Texas, and down here when the ball hits the ground at 145, it's going to bounce and roll to 155 easily, so this is why I think the carry distance is pretty darned accurate.


I'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have.


Dagger(San Antonio)

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The 3 Bays GSA Pro Swing Analyzer is awesome.
DaggerSA has demonstrated the 3 Bays GSA Pro to me. After he swings the club he specified to the GSA Pro, it will provide him with the following data; Consistency, Tempo, Impact Force, Club Head Speed, Ball Speed, Carry Distance, Face Angle, Swing Path, Back Swing  and Down Swing Time and compare those numbers to a pro golfer of your choice in their database. He can then switch the screen/mode and it will show him a avatar performing a nearly perfect reproduction of his golf swing (both down the line views and full on views) so that he can see what his swing plane looks like slowed down from start to finish, impact position, and how the club head traveled, etc.

It is well worth the $200 he paid for it.
It is very portable, requiring an App loaded on your smartphone (I will not speak for Win8) and the device itself. It TRULY IS the smallest, lightest, swing analyzer, unparalleled in quality for the $200 they are charging.
It can be brought onto the golf course to see why "you can't" bring your driving range swing to the course (yes, yes, only on practice rounds, yes, yes). In the time it takes you to walk from the green to the next tee box, you can turn it on and
and que your smartphone and it is ready to receive your next swing for analyzing (again, I won't speak for Win8)
You can hit foam balls, or Birdie Balls, etc at home so that you can see your ball flight and then compare your analyzed swing data.


Instructions are limited, the manufacturer figures we all know how to pair a blu-tooth device. The first pairing may not be the best one. Start the APP AFTER you put the device in discover mode.

It does not tell you how much open or how much closed your impact was. It simply says "open" or "closed" or "square".
When hitting real balls, check the device to make sure the alignment has not changed and that it is not "backing-out" of the grip (also good advice for you big divot takers). The vibration from the impact will cause some movement.

It does not know when you have chunked or topped the ball. (most of the time my Optishot doesn't either).


I hope this helps the rest of you who were wondering about this product.

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Just to clarify one point made by SAGolfLuvr: there are only two pros in the database to compare with, one PGA and one LGPA.
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Hi All I am a newcomer to this site 24 handicap only been playing golf for 5=6 years since retiring and I am considering purchasing a 3bays GSA or simular device would like to know if the 3bays GSa are you able to download the data after use to a mac computer ie larger screen would also like to say how useful all the info from you guys and girls is so helpful to some one like me a relatively newcomer

many thanks

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Hypnotic - No unfortunately there is no way to d/l the data and results.  But, I use mine with my Android tablet, so the screen is large enough to see my swing well enough.

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Cooke - I use both my Galaxy SII and my Asus Transformer tablet.  You cannot play the video on a PC, but you can share images (not vids).  It would be nice if you could, but if you understand the logic behind the video, it's only using mathematical measurements to display them to you graphnically.  It's not really video at all, in terms of a video file that can be shared.  Rather, it's just a bunch of numbers displayed in a way a human can interpret.

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Here's a review where it was compared to Trackman numbers. Thought this might help.


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Many thanks for your reply Dagger also for the video RPMPIRE I have a Iphone 4 which I believe is compatible and I also see from other post the data can be used with the Ipad so again my question is if you use the 3bays on a round of golf using your Iphone could I then on arrival at home download the data to my son in laws Ipad forgive my lack of technical know how but would like to be able to study my rounds results on a larger screen

again mant thanks for your replies 

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There is no implied method of moving the swing analysis data across devices. Now whether you can find the data files and move them over, that's not something I've tried because I haven't yet been successful in finding the data.
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I received my unit a week ago, and started using it on January 18. On that date, my swing speed averaged 99 mph. I began analyzing what I was doing, using the side and rear views of my swing. I saw that even though I could not feel it, I was coming slightly over the top of my backswing plane. I adjusted, and WOW! Within ten minutes, I had increased my swing speed to 108 mph, and my carry distance by twenty five yards with the driver. The only useful information this device does not give is launch angle and spin rate. It is extremely light weight and easy to use. The only thing I worry about is the prong that fits into the butt of the club. You have to be careful, as it does not feel like it could withstand a lot of pressure. I just spit on it a little, and then insert it. It charges quickly, and seems to give plenty of time on the range after each charge. I use it with android phone and tablet, but you can get ios as well. You can compare your swing to a pro, although I have never heard of the pros' whose swings they give you. Perhaps the best feature is the backswing/downswing ratio information it gives for each swing. It is proven fact that the pros all have a 3:1 ratio. I have found that every time I wait a little to get to this ratio, I increase swing speed, hit the ball more squarely, and control it well. Here's my final word: I am nearly 58 years old, and am recording average CARRY distance of 260. Prior to owning this, I averaged 240 carry. 'Nuff Said?

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LOL I would love to see a video of gpalmer smashing a drive, followed by him turning to the camera and saying 'Nuff Said'!

Good write-up gpalmer, glad the device is working for you. It would be sweet to unlock that kind of power in my own swing.
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LOL I would love to see a video of gpalmer smashing a drive, followed by him turning to the camera and saying 'Nuff Said'!

Good write-up gpalmer, glad the device is working for you. It would be sweet to unlock that kind of power in my own swing.
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Glad you liked it. Get the device, and I really believe it'll do it for you as well. I PROMISE I did not overstate this. I hate those kind of reviews. This thing really helped.

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gpalmer's experience mirrors mine except I do well to carry 220. GP...where do live? I bet arid climate?
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I live in Pawleys Island, SC. It is less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean, so I am at sea level. The temperature right now is averaging in the high fifties to low sixties. I play at True Blue and Caledonia, which are notorious from getting zero roll. We HAVE to carry drives a good distance. When and if you play at these courses, understand they play MUCH longer than what the card indicates. I think sea level shots go a little bit less distance as well. It is often windy. Remember, this device is measuring carry distance based upon swing speed and smash factor. It doesn't actually see the ball, or track it. But one thing for sure, you can shop shafts with it. And dial in settings on adjustable drivers. Forgot to mention that little asset.

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