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Well that is an impressive carry. I do well to carry 210 and the 3 Bay GSA seems to match my actual carry very closely. The only time I carried 250 was in Las Vegas' Desert Pines in 0 humidity.
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I wish it was impressive to my regular foursome. I wanted it to piss them off, but if they've noticed, they haven't said anything. They have, however, PAID, and that's the name of DAT TUNE.

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How does the 3bay read for little chips etc   30-50 yard shots?  yes those shots roll out, so carry vs final distance can change, but overall pretty good? with lower swing speed shots?





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That's good question, Jim. I actually haven't tried that aspect, but I'll give it a shot this weekend and post some results for you.

Meanwhile, here's me finally getting "inside"!
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Agreed, good question Jim.  It's ability to pick up the shorter/slower swings used in chipping and pitching might convince me to pull the trigger on the 3 Bays...looking forward to Dagger's follow up...

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Ok, I finally had an opportunity to test this with wedges. Attached are the FO, DR and stats for 45 yard flop shot. Of course the face was open, I was going for loft. I could not get 3Bay GSA to read a chip. There is simply not enough back swing in a chip for the device to distinguish it from a swing to just movement.[IMG][IMG]
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Apparently you can only upload one image at a time.
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and here's the down range view
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Interesting point. I shall go and do a few chip shots with my GSA this weekend ad see how it reads.

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4golfonline youtube pga pro does a review about it with trackman. its pretty accurate.

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This is my experience with the 3Bays GSA last weekend.

A friend of mine recently purchased one, and we gave it a go at the range. From what I can tell, the reads are quite accurate albeit the small stature of the device. It recorded every 
swing we took and was the process is reasonably fast for a bluetooth connection. 

There are quite a few parameters measured. I find the Club Head Speed, Ball Speed and 
Swing Path most useful and easiest to decipher. On the contrary, parameters such as Consistency and Tempo, were a bit hard to utilize for amatures like myself, unless a gold pro or a coach or someone with extensive knowledge of the swing was there to help me understand and best apply it to my swing. 


I was also working on my driver as I tend to slice it quite a bit. With the swing path, I can tell that I maybe dipping and bobbling my head a little, as there is a sort of irregular"dent" on my downswing compare to my back swing. This, as I gather other information, affects the impact angle, and likely changed my square face at set up into an open face just before impact.

I do wish they tell you the impact angle/ face angle. It only tells you whether you have hit the ball with an open face, close face or square.

Overall, its a pretty neat device which you can carry around to the range or on the course. I like how it is inserted on the top of the club, rather than having something you clamp on the shaft. It does move after a few swings, so minor adjustment/re-positioning is need from time to time, but I was not bothered by it. 


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Could someone please explain in detail how you line the device to the club head or does it not matter?

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There is an arrow on the GSA, just line it up with the marking on the grip. It should form a straight line with the club face

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I saw such a mark and there is a mark on the grip, but the lineup is then based on how the grip was installed.  Visually, this line to the club face would be perpendicular to the lines on it.  So does the vertical line intersect with the line on the bottom of the club face or somewhere else?  Or does it really matter??

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The earlier suggestion is based on how the grip is usually inserted, which often is lined with the club face. But as long as you can line the arrow of the GSA to the clubface, there should not be any problem. 

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I'm surprised there's no mention of the Swingsmart in this thread, from the research I conducted it seems the best product, albeit slightly more money than some of the others. It measures speed, tempo, face angle and lag and provides 3D view of your swing from a number of angles, it also has a training mudule that records swings without hitting a ball. I took the plunge a few months ago and was initially disappointed with the number of unregistered swings, obviously a bug which has now been fixed (almost) with an upgrade. The information transfer is pretty much immediate and the device is generally simple to use, but it is not perfect. Be interested to know what other users think. 

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Looked as several other units than the GSA and found they were all similar except as to how they are used on the club itself.  It appeared to me that the GSA was the easiest to relocate which made it a stand out for me.  I must confess that I was and still am concerned about the "insert process" and what the breaking point maybe.  I would have like to see a screw type tip to get into the handle of the grip.


Any one heard of the tip breaking?

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3 bays GSA Pro

I heard this is a great device. Have anybody tried to see if the device give yardage for short wedge and pitch shots? thanks

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