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Originally Posted by dereckbc View Post

No I did not say it like that, I just politely declined and said it would help if if turned in truthful scores. I have known this man for some 20 years, and he has been playing over 30 years. He is in his late 50's and unteachable. I will not take peoples money I cannot help. I don't instruct to make a living. I am already retired.


Oh, that's different (slightly). Your first post with quotation marks made it sound like that was your conversation approximately word for word.

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Originally Posted by SloverUT View Post
  But I hope you didn't say it exactly as you did.  I think you could have come up with a better way to decline than to call him a liar. 


But that is just me, I prefer to be tactful in any scenario.

He is frustrated with people exaggerating their playing ability.........I think he may be guilty of exaggerating how he really handled the request. (if it even happened)

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Originally Posted by dereckbc View Post

I know it is harsh but true. Every course has regulars who are Vanity golfers and same goes for Country and Golf Clubs. Most know what a Vanity golfer is. If you do not know or are one please read on.
A Vanity golfer is the opposite of a Sand Bagger. Both are cheats and liars. Sand Baggers gets called out by other members. No one calls out a Vanity golfer because they are Pigeons waiting to be plucked. A Vanity golfer, like a Sand Bagger, has a problem counting strokes during regular play at their course and turns in their score for Handicap. They seem to forget at each hole how many strokes they really took. Whent they shoot an 8 on a par 4, they record a 5 or 6. So by the end of the round they record something like a 88 instead of the 110 that they really shot and enter it into the Handicap scoring system. Everyone knows what they have done and never complain or say a thing. They end up with a Handicap like 16 when it should be 30 or 40.
Now here is where the stupid part comes in. You enter a tournament or money game that is handicapped. Every time you end up at the bottom of the leader board because you are stupid, a liar, and a cheater. You are everyone's favorite pigeon to pluck. During a tournament you do not get to keep your score, your opponent keeps it and he knows you are a Vanity golfer and he counts your real strokes. Instead of you shooting your average of say 88 with a 16 handicap to post a 72 net, you shoot 120 for a 104 net and so far on the bottom of the leader board you do not even exist. You just lost all your money with no chance to win you Pigeon. You have been plucked.
OK the only reason I bring this up is today at the course one of our Vanity golfers ask me to give him lessons. He stated he wanted to do so because because he could not ever score well in a tournament. I snickered at him and declined. He then asked why so I told him"
"I said you are a Liar and a Cheater, and no amount of lessons is going to improve your tournament play. You will never be able to win or place being a Vanity golfer"
His reply was: "everyone does it, why are you singling me out?"
I said: "because I cannot fix Stupid. You do not know the difference between a Sand Bagger and a Vanity Golfer".
That is where our conversation ended. I will let someone else explain the difference to him, but I have doubts he will understand the math. a1_smile.gif



you know what's worse than a vanity handicapper?  an *******.   i'm sure you know which one you are.

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Originally Posted by iacas View Post


I've turned away one lesson and it was because the guy was absolutely rude to me, James, the other people on the range, golfers in general, poor people (i.e. anyone whose parents aren't both doctors), and so on.


I 'fired' a student after 4 (of 12) 30-minute lessons earlier this year because he was getting very close to being disrespectful towards me. I tried my hardest to help him but it was impossible as he refused to try and understand anything I said to him. Not even "flat left wrist" or "low point of swing after the ball". He'd whack a ball while I was explaining something and interrupt me asking why it went left. After the fourth lesson I told him that was the last lesson I was going to give him and that he had a choice: either continue the lessons with another instructor or we'd reimburse him for the remaining 8 lessons.


He chose another instructor who recently confided in me that the guy treats him the same and he only puts up with him because he needs the money. I'm sorry, but I couldn't do that.

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Originally Posted by dereckbc View Post

OK I take it then you will take someones money when you know full well they will not take your advice or take the medicine. As long as you get paid, you are OK with it right?


No. Couldn't be farther from the truth, but thanks. You seem to think that everyone's as big of a jerk to their students as you.


Originally Posted by Kujan View Post

Who would not be irritated with someone like that?


A good golf instructor who happens to be a reasonably decent human being?

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