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Hey guys, I've seen quite a lot of golffers with little hand held GPS units, are they worth it, should I have one.anything that will help my game seems like a great idea
Cheers in advance
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I have a Calloway GoPro and I love it. There are better ones out there but I still love mine. It's so great to know exact yardage to the front, center & back of the green.

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The other thing I was wondering is, we live in a small town, wpuld my local course be on there or would I have to upload it
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Or u could use your phone and download a free GPS app....there's a ton of golf apps..
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which one do you recommend
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Originally Posted by Shortylook View Post

which one do you recommend

Try FreeCaddie




Its what I've got, its free, and it works fine.


You can upgrade to the full monty if, and when, you want to.

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I have a range finder and have used various GPS programs. The best and also free app for accuracy has been "golf pad ". It is just a yard or so off of my range finder when the flag is placed appropriately.
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Just beware that if you go the route of a phone based GPS - I have Golfshot and it works great - that you might run into problems if you play tournaments.  I know some tournaments won't allow cell phones AT ALL.  Others have rules that say if there is anything on your phone at all that could provide you with illegal info then you can't use it, even if that app is turned off or you don't use it.  I think that has to do with some programs ability to factor in info other than just distance and provide you with club choices, but I'm really not sure.


I'm playing in a tournament in a couple of weeks and I think they are using the latter rule.  Because of it, I am thinking about just leaving the phone in the car to be safe.  Because I don't even know if there is anything on my phone that's illegal, I just don't want to take the chance.  I'd rather go old school and search out some sprinkler heads for the day than get DQ'd.

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Personally I use skydroid its simple and I have personally remapped my entire golf course on their website. I've used almost every free golf GPS app available on the android and they all use the same GPS coordinates unless it was personally edited by a user. I live in Hawaii and after checking the maps on different apps, they all had a deviation of 25yds east on pin placements, dunno if the island shifted but it made me aware that all GPS apps use the same maps. Having said that, all GPS apps have the same accuracy depending on how well it was mapped. Some apps have more features then others, like a scorecard, or range circles, or club distance to markers etc. I don't want to be on my phone all the time, so a super simple golf app works for me when I need quick a quick distance to the pin, I just turn my phone on and it instantly tells me how far to pin, most will also auto change to the hole your currently on as well. Have fun finding your app, just be sure to check their maps...
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Check into the Izzo Swami line. They're inexpensive, accurate as any out there (front, back and middle), easy to use and simple. They're basic as in no extra distances which is all I want/need. They also charge no subscription fees with their newer devices. I have the original 1500 which I pay $9.99 per year for and am completely satisfied. Had it for 2 years runnin' now with no complaints and their customer service is very helpful.
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if you're worried about the courses you're playing not being mapped..its always best to go with a rangefinder.

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A rangefinder would come in handy if you play courses which are hilly and have a lot of mounds and swales around the green.


I played a course that had some raised rolls in front of the greens - the rolls hid the bottom of the flagstick, made the stick look shorter and the distance longer. I knocked two approach shots over the green because I overestimated the yardage.

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Here is a different alternative to consider.

I have a Sky Caddie and it sets at home collecting dust. I do not care for them have to log in on a computer and down load the courses you play, and th every limited information.

What I use today is my Android Cell Phone using Golf Logix. They are not limited to an Android, any of the newer cell phones can run it. Every Cell Phone has a GPS receiver in them so Big Brother can track you. It can also be used by applications.

The Golf Logix has both a free limited service, and full featured service for $20/year? It provides much more information than my Sky Caddie does. Does not mattery what course I want to play. Start th eapp and it loads whatever course you are playing. It will keep your score, stats, handicap if you wish to enter it. You can log into your account from any computer and see all your scores, and even shot by shot if you enter it while you play.
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What I use today is my Android Cell Phone using Golf Logix. They are not limited to an Android, any of the newer cell phones can run it. Every Cell Phone has a GPS receiver in them so Big Brother can track you. It can also be used by applications.


As golfingdad points out, be aware that Smartphones are not legal for tournament play.  That certainly applies for serious tournaments, but it should also affect your local club tournaments too, since they're not supposed to arbitrarily waive rules.  Check with your course to be sure.


Similarly, if you're buying a rangefinder, make sure it does not include slope information, if you wish to use it in tournaments.

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To answer your original question, it's worth it and I would say you should get one. Even if it is for one or two courses.

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Personally, I love my Skycaddie SG5.  I can't imagine I would play a round of golf without some kind of hand held GPS.  I'm not a fan of using my phone, mainly the screen on your phone is not made to be seen in bright sunlight, golf specific GPS units are, secondly, one round of golf will drain your phone battery to nothing, I can play 38 holes in a day and still have battery left on my GPS.  I also own a rangefinder and just don't like it as well as I like the GPS units, but that's just my personal preference.

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Thanks for the feedback guy's, decisions decisions haha
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I've had 2 GPS units and a couple of laser rangefinders, and had friends with several others, including some of the free apps.  From those that I've seen or used, I very much prefer my Garmin G5  GPS over any other I've tried (surprise, surprise - I like mine best d2_doh.gif).  With it I don't feel the need for a laser, ever.  I can get any info that a laser will give me, and more besides.  The laser is restricted to line of sight.  If you can't see it, you can't measure it.  My Garmin has a target circle which can be positioned anywhere on the hole - just drag it on the touch screen.  I can then see the distance from my current position to that target, and from the target to the pin, regardless of intervening trees or hills.  The pin can also be moved anywhere on the green.  The graphic also shows the locations of prominent trees along with the bunkers and hazards, and even depicts mounding in some areas.  Last I heard, there are some 25,000+ courses in the database, all are preloaded, no fees or subscriptions, and the database is updated regularly and can be downloaded free.  


By the way, it can also keep score for up to 4 players and will track your stats too if you so choose.  It runs on 2 AA batteries and you can either go rechargeable with NiMH, or do like I do and use Energizer Lithiums - I get at least 6 - 7 full rounds from a pair of batteries.  I don't like screwing around with rechargeables.  For me, all that means is that I either forget to recharge them and the unit is dead in my bag, or the batteries are on the changer and the unit is empty.  At least this one does give the fall back option of buying a couple in the store on the way to the course.


It's not the cheapest golf GPS but in my opinion, it's the best.  And since Garmin is the world leader in consumer GPS, that doesn't surprise me.

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