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Reverse pivot

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Anyone got any good drills to get rid of a reverse pivot?
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Good thread to check out




Originally Posted by Zeph View Post

First to clear up a definition.


Reverse Pivot - The weight moves back from the top of the backswing. Most often a matter of hips or head moving back on the downswing. Could be a result of the weight moving too much forward on the backswing.


It's important to be clear about this. What Sean demonstrates is keeping the weight pretty much centered or slightly forward (it will feel very forward if you've never done it before), and then moving it even farther forward on the downswing. We are talking about the hips and knees here, the head should not move forward.


The common alternative is to move the weight back and then forward again on the downswing. What many struggle with here is the rate and distance. They move too much back, too much forward, too little forward or something like that. Staying centered means there are less moving parts.


I recommend staying centered. It's worked for me, and I believe it is an easier way to play golf, without losing distance. So yes, what Sean Foley explains is spot on. Exactly what you do is impossible to tell without seeing a video. I know there are different skill levels of instructors out there, so I won't take his word on your reverse pivot, but it is definitely possible. If you want help from us, I suggest you get your video on tape.

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