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I was addressing it to NBC - how he was able to use his smartphone (if that's what he used) to film his swing, but anyone could chime in (or not - don't want to hijack the thread). But JhWarren provided a link in his reply. Thanks!

Yeah that is what I use too at the moment.  My iPhone with that holster linked.

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Hey zipazoid,


I just mounted my phone on a post that happened to be near one of the practicing mats.  I'll probably get someone to take something of better one of these days.  I didn't initially intend to post my swings on the internet, but I found this great site.  I need to get a side view as it would be more telling of my swing problems.  Good luck!

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I see that you are way above the plane on your back swing. Get Ben Hogans 5 steps and read it and reread it over and over. I started playing this past summer and I can't give advise yet, but I can see clearly that your back swing is too high.  Try an extra low takeaway and stay on plane throughout the swing. my 2 cents.

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I shouldn't be giving pointers, but the 1 thing I can tell you for sure is get Hogans book. I didn't understand alot of it at first, but I kept at it and the more I worked the more I could apply his fundamentals. I also watch alot of you tube vids  I've been playing for five months now and it feels like it's coming together.  Keep at it, it'll come. Last time out I shot a 47 on the front 9 at Mare Island, that was by far my best day yet.

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I would have to agree with most, looks as if the left arm is folding badly.

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