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Okay was kinda impressed with these noodle soft golf balls. Temps in the 40's and breezy. Definitely not a long ball hitter over sixty relatively new golfer with normal drivers that range from 210 - 250yds todays drives were from 195 - 221 yds. Not a big loss considering lower temps so was happy with the ball, picked them up at wally mart in the spring and just tried them today. good off the clubs and no difference in putting feel, rolled nice. I wanted to keep these equipment opinions together since they were tried at the same day. Nike sasquath2, easy to get up and nice long flight with a nice trajectory. I am a lefty so sometimes I find older models at a good price in mint condition. I previously used a Adams Fast 10 3 wood, took me a year to hit it consistently but most times a line drive flight sometimes nice height so I gave this a try. Hit three par 4's "GIR" ranging from a distance of 396 to 440 yds using driver, Sasquath2 3 wood and the noodle soft balls. Today was a good day!