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A gap in my bag

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I have been playing for a year now with only 13 clubs! My irons stop a 25deg (5), i have an rbz hybrid at 22 deg, a 3 wood at 17 deg and a driver at 11.5deg.

I am wondering wether to buy another wood hybrid, both rbz 5wood and 3 hybrid are 19 degs or get closer wedges.

My 3 wood is only 10-15 yds shorter than my driver at 220-240 yds.

My irons are a set so the gaps are even, but PW is 43deg, GW is 49deg, SW is 55 deg and a lob at 60 deg.

My handicap is 27-28, any ideas please.

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Your gaps aren't too bad really.  I dont see where you need another club honestly just work on your swing.

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I agree with apotheosis. Unless there is a gap of 20 or more yards between clubs, there's nothing worth filling with another club.

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You are probably right, i'm sure the £150 may well be better spent on a few more lessons and keeping my bag simple.

Many thanks

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