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My Swing (Tiger1242)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ played when I was little, stopped when I was about 11 bc of other sports. Picked up again after I graduated high school 5 years ago. Been an avid golfer for about 3 years

My current handicap index or average score is: index is 10.1 (unofficial) average scores 79-85

My typical ball flight is: Average height, try to play a slight draw most days. Often a slight fade with mid-high irons. Draw off the tee

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: The pull hook is usually my miss, or just a dead pull with no hook. Sometimes if I'm tired or have a bad swing I'll hit a huge slice off the tee but 90% sure that has to do with my clubface opening


7 iron quality shot (straight)



7 iron typical pull miss (left hook)


Driver quality shot (slight draw)


I don't have any from behind or in front right now but I will try and get some soon. I will tell you my right elbow is probably lower (especially on my driver) than what most want, I dk if you can see it from this angle though. It's something I'm working on but can't hit the ball solid with it any higher for now. I used to hit a major slice because of baseball habits; that's mostly gone now.

This is after I just spent a lot of time working on my hip movements so hopefully my hips look OK.



I'm a new member here but I am planning on posting on this site a lot and getting to know a lot of y'all. Thanks guys I appreciate any feedback c2_beer.gif

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I'm definitely no expert in golf, but from what I see is your grip is very strong, "V's" pointing outside your right shoulder, so your clubface is way closed at the top of backswing. Also from this angle for me it seems that the club gets across the line on top of backswing and you overswing a bit. From A3 to A4 your head starts moving towards the target and you begin to reverse pivot, which leads to a over the top downswing. Add the closed clubface to that and that is where pull hooks come from.

Other thing I see is maybe for a 7i your stance is a bit too wide.

But again, I'm no expert and please anyone correct me If I'm wrong.

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You know I never thought about my grip being strong but now that I look at it I do see it. Also yes I have a swing reader app and on slow mo I can clearly see my head move forward. I for sure need to work that out.
And I never try and hit the ball hard, but that doesn't necessarily mean I don't over swing; but as I said my hand are low at the top compared to most good golfers. I've looked at slow mo swings of pros compared to me and at the top if I got my hands up we are in the same position.

Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it
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Hi tiger1242, welcome to the site!  First thing I noticed watching your 7i swings is that you aren't keeping the left arm straight.  This occurs when your backswing is too long and you over flex the right arm - enabling the left arm to continue to travel up and around until it hinges or flexes as well.  Shorten your backswing to improve your ball striking - and maintain a straight left arm is a critical piece.  This can only occur when you ensure you have a 90* bend of the right elbow.... Don't over flex that right bicep.






Here are a few videos which talk about the left arm being straight....  And then keeping a 90* angle with the right elbow.




Lastly - you can see Ernie talks about 'keeping the box'... Which is more about how to hinge the club.  But for you - if you over flex that right bicep - you lose the box.  These pieces tie together...  Just explained in slightly different ways.


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Beachcomber I watched those videos and I think I understand what you're saying about my right elbow. The problem is I've tried to fix this before (although without some of the knowledge I've just gained watching those videos and a few others) and it always turns into me hitting a slice when I get to anything over an 8 iron. I actually do a decent job (I think) of keeping my right elbow at 90 degrees and not so low on my wedges, bc I don't have to worry about slicing them really at all. But the higher club I go to, the issue I have is when I try to keep the box by not going past 90 and keeping my hands up where I see golfers with great swings have them, I hit a slice I can not control.

I know a lot of things can be the cause of this, open face, outside in swing ect... Any idea what could be causing it in this particular case? TIA

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Film your swing from the DTL view/vantage point.  And try and keep your left arm straight and maintain the 'box' by not over flexing the right bicep.  I'll let you know what I see.  There are too many variables to guess... I'd rather see it on video to let you know what I see.


Also, you gotta trust that the change is valid... Even if you don't hit the ball better immediately.  I had this struggle with my own game as I modified my stance/arch in my back.  I hit terrible golf shots until I finally stopped questioning if it was right or not, and finally accepted that it was right - and hit balls until it became 'natural' and didn't feel foreign. 

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Film your swing from the DTL view/vantage point.  And try and keep your left arm straight and maintain the 'box' by not over flexing the right bicep.  I'll let you know what I see.

Ok I've got two new videos for you.


This first one is what I told you about; left arm straight solid contact but I sliced it


This second one was a great shot, perfect ball flight and right where I aimed it. My thought on this swing was swing more inside out which I guess fixed my slice


Any advice would be greatly appreciated c2_beer.gif

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You have kind of the same problem I had for awhile.  If you look at your shoulder rotation through your backswing the angle is pretty flat.  When you start your downswing though, the angle wants to steepen to get back on plane towards the ball.  So even though you're bringing it inside on the backswing, it gets turned around on the downswing and actually comes outside in at contact.  Im guessing your divots point slightly left?


compare your shoulders to videos of a pro and you'll see what I mean.

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My divots point left when I hit that slice yea, hints the slice.
And watching my swing in slow motion I'm seeing what you mean about my swing changing course bc of my shoulder angle changing. How should I fix this? A steeper shoulder angle throughout my swing? How is thy accomished? I used to have a pretty bad problem with leading with my shoulder and dipping it so that's probably why I have it so flat now, I don't want to revert back to old habits
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Focus on keeping your sholders on the same plane throughout the swing.  Not insanely steep, but you don't wanna finish your backswing with your shoulders almost flat.  I took a swing evaluation awhile back, and after looking at my swing I had the same issue.  I changed that while there and it felt much more natural for me and the results were immediately better. 


Some people have a flatter shoulder rotation, but I've read alot of articles where even alot of pros like Matt Kuchar switched to more of an angle.  May or may not work for everyone. 

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Tiger, watch this TPI video.  You have a chicken wing or flying right elbow.



Go to the 1:41 point in the video.  Can you rotate your right shoulder like he does?  Really pay attention to what he talks about from 1:41 until 2:24.  I'd like to understand if you can do the 'correct' right elbow position at 1:51 to 1:53 of the video.


Here is another video - of Grant Waite talking about the right elbow...  Watch his right arm and elbow.  Then compare it to your DTL videos.  Get rid of the chicken wing, and it will help you control the clubs plane and path. 


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Can you rotate your right shoulder like he does?  Really pay attention to what he talks about from 1:41 until 2:24.  I'd like to understand if you can do the 'correct' right elbow position at 1:51 to 1:53 of the video.


Yes I can do that fairly easily. Let me make sure I'm understanding the video correctly; my elbow is pointing back behind me instead of pointing down to the ground?

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