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Got an early Christmas/anniversary gift from my wife, 4 lessons from the local pro. It'll only be the second set of lessons I've ever taken and my plan is to spend all 4 lessons working on 150 yds and in.

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I would like a push cart for my clubs.    I would like to walk more on the course.

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Originally Posted by WWBDD View Post


Ooh. Yes please! I've been a very, very good boy. Most of the time.


Haven't had the urge to buy golf clubs for a few years but am finding myself seriously tempted by the new Cally X-Forged irons and Ping woods. If I could have Santa's elves make me anything (ie. including things that don't actually exist) -- I would ask for a custom, milled Odyssey #7 mallet. 

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Nothing golf related for me............


I am getting a Zombie "spare ball" for bowling though....LOL

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Actually one thing, a new headcover for my Scotty, just the stock California black one to replace my Studio Select silver cherry dot one.

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Well, my birthday (the big five-oh) was just last month, so I pulled the trigger on a new bag, 712 AP2s, SC California 1.5 and Garmin G6.  Considered a 913, but decided instead to reshaft my new Vokeys with S300s (came stock with S200s).


Because of the above, my Chistmas list is pretty short.  In fact, it has just one item:


2010 MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class E350 San Francisco


It's not gonna happen by this Christmas.  Maybe by the next one.  Maybe never.  Nonetheless, how does this relate to golf?  Simple.  You gotta get to the golf course somehow...

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Didn't buy the Ping Anser driver so with the money that is burning a hole in my pocket I'm now thinking of a Swingbyte swing analyzer.

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