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Pro v1 for mid/high handicaper

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Should I play the Pro V1 instead of the HX Diablo Tour?

Average Score: low 90's to very high 80's

SS: 90 MPH

What do you think?

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I have an 87-90 mpf SS as well.


I have played both the Pro V1X and the Diablo Tour(got 4 doz last year for $10/doz)


Frankly, I prefer the Pro V1x.


Same distance and much better feel.


However, at $10/dozen vs $45/dozen I played the Diablo Tours pretty much all last year.....and still have one dozen left.

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Academy Sports and Walmart both sell used PROV1 and V1x ($25 plus tax) and used "spin series" ($20 plus tax) balls for much cheaper than they are brand new. The "spin series" has a few NXT and NXT Tour balls which is a "step below" the PROV1/V1x. I like all four balls except that the NXT's scuff easier.  I suggest you buy a box and see how it goes.


Also if you have a Golf Galaxy nearby, they will fit you for the kind of ball you should play with.

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IMHO, you should play whatever ball is best for your game.  Don't think that you have to play a Pro V1 to be a good player, there are a lot of good players that don't play a Pro V1. 

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Just played 18 at my local course, 123 slope.  Shot 10 over par, an 82 witha pro v1, wow, this is my ball.

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The course is actually a 132 slope. Sorry.

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I play the Srixon Q Star but last time out I went birdie,birdie, par using a found ProV1, though I think it had more to do with me actually getting into somewhat of a groove than the ball itself.  I really like the ball but my game is nowhere near where it needs to be to justify spending $45 for a dozen of them when I can get the Srixon's for $25 or even the Nike PD Soft for $15.  I do seem to find a lot on the course though and I regularly encourage hackers like myself to purchase them so I can continue to do so. a1_smile.gif

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Originally Posted by TMBridgestone View Post

The course is actually a 132 slope. Sorry.


Nice score then, like another said the srixon qstars are a good ball as well you may want to check them out also I tried a dozen out and was impressed with it's durability,distance, and feel.
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Srixon Z-star, long of the tee with great feel around the green. Comes in white and yellow.

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I am a big Bridgestone B330 guy. I like the way they spin and hold the green. But I do lose distance when I compare them to the Pro V. I get a better deal on the Bridgestones (that is why I play them). I do like the Gamer 2 though. Price is right.

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I played ProV1x's for most of the year, then started to try other things.  The only thing that came close for me was the 330RX-S.  Actually, the KickX that I got from Erik was just as good, too.


Fooled around with the Gamer V2 as well.  Its not in the same category but I did break 80 for the first time ever, using it.   




I would say that if you don't lose a lot of balls off the tee, go premium.

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Changed to Callaway HEX Chrome +.
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Originally Posted by Daniel Dreydel View Post

Changed to Callaway HEX Chrome +.

Try that out and check out the regular Callaway Hex Chrome as well.  I recently made the switch from ProV1X to Hex Chrome and couldn't be happier (both on the golf course and in my wallet).  Chromes run about $31 a dozen, and they are the only ball under $40 that really "reacts" the way I want it to.  

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Ive been playing, "budget" balls lately mostly for straighter shots but my approach shots dont hold the green as well as Id like and I recently started using the Bridgestone B330-RXS.  So far, so good!  My approach shots hold the green much better and I havent really noticed a huge difference in terms of distance or accuracy off the tee.

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I love the Srixon - Z Star.  My swing is also 90mph.  It hits as long as my prov1x.  Slightly harder ball though but still with good spin.  Definately more durable

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Played a Srixon Soft feel my last 2 outings... lost it today. Was a really nice ball, although it had more of a thud coming off the club than I like. Cool thing about my course is that they keep their buck a ball bin stocked with a wide assortment, so I usually experiment often. DT SOLO is my ball of choice though. The z-star I finished with today seemed to scuff essily.
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Ive been playing the srixon Soft Feel the last couple months....I like the feel off the putter especially.

I still lose 1 or 2 balls a round usually, so Im sticking with a budget ball.

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I found a srixon soft feel during my last round played and put it in play about mid round. I was surprised at how much I liked the ball, it was cold and windy out but the ball had good distance and a nice feel to it! dont normally use found balls I have more than enough new, but since i had never seen one before I decided to give it a try, it's ended up on my short list of balls to try next year along with the trispeed.
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