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Just bought a new box of Srixon Z stars.  The yellow is different than it was.  Slightly darker yellow.

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I would say a mid/high handicapper should stay on the $25 or less range. Try the Wilson Staff 50 Elite. By far the best ball for the money spent. Dicks has the Slazenger Distance Feel (Blue box) and they are actually not bad at all. 2 24 ball boxes for $35 bucks. 

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I'll take it one step further..... mid / high HC players might as well play budget balls.  Paying more for a performance ball is throwing money away because it takes crisp contact to realize any benefit from these balls.



With that said, why buy new balls?   I don't even buy new balls for myself.  I buy used........my last golf ball purchase was 50 Taylor Made TP/Black balls for $29!!

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As a mid/high handicapper myself, I will agree that spending $4/ball doesn't make sense.  Also, the characteristics of a Prov1 or similar ball, including side spin and stopping on a dime on the green are of no help to me.  There are however, a few great balls that are mid-spin and great around the green and long off the tee.  In particular the Gamer Tour and RBZ Uretehene are examples of reasonably priced balls that meet that criteria.  Since I am usually not long on an approach shot I want the ball to roll a few feet.  But I do not want the ball to roll like a marble across the green into a bunker.  The urethene covers have also saved me a lot of strokes from right off the green.


So if by budget ball you mean a strictly distance ball, I disagree that most double digit handicaps should necessarily play that type of ball.  I would recommend to other HCPers in my category to try some of the innovative urethene offerings from Top-Flite, Maxfli, Taylor Made, Wilson, and any others I may have missed.   

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I use Pro V1's and love the stopping power of the ball. Does it spin more when I slice it? I dont think so? When I throw a dirty great big slice it really doesnt matter whether the ball is an unspinnable E6 or a Pro V1, the ball is going to end up 200 yards to the right regardless! :)


I also dont pay for new ones! Hell no! Id go bankrupt within a month! I get them off ebay or found them at our local car boot where Ill pay max 50p a ball. Having said that when I playing on our tougher holes that have lots of water or forest around I found myself diving for my "cheaper" balls as I dont like losing my premium 50p balls!


Ive also used Noodles, various Srixon balls, Wilson, Pinnacles...the list is endless and have enjoyed playing with all of them. The only balls I do throw back if I ever come across them on the course is anything by Calloway. I dont know why but to me they just feel like white rocks??





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I use pro v1 and v1x when I find them cheap. Barely used (one shot wonders) ones can be bought for abt rs 40-50 a pop from caddies . That is less than $1per ball.
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Originally Posted by TMBridgestone View Post

Just played 18 at my local course, 123 slope.  Shot 10 over par, an 82 witha pro v1, wow, this is my ball.

@TMBridgestone , will you change your Avatar now? :-)


I play the ProV1.  I can find them on Craigslist new for less than retail.  Saturday, I bought two sleeves from a local guy or $15.  People sell them because they get them as presents or win them in scrambles. Just keep check routinely.  You can even get slightly used ones locally.  My wife gets them for me for my birthday and Christmas.  Two years ago, she surprised me with an Easter Basket with ProV1 balls and tees!


I've said it many times on golf ball threads. I play Titleist balls because they are made in Massachusetts.  The ProV1 is excellent around the green.

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Part of the reason some of us, (me included) are high(er) hdcp players is because we lose balls in the woods and water.  Losing $4 balls isn't fun.  That said, I really like playing ProV1 balls and fortunate to get a couple dozen each season as gifts.


When I have to buy balls of similar characteristic and quality, I buy and play the Nike 20XI Tour Level Control model ball.  Good deals out there on this ball.  Can usually be had for $25-30 range if you have to buy and play new golf balls.  The 20XI also comes in an "S" model which has a really soft cover to create more spin.  I didn't like that model as much as the other two 20XI offerings.



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I play Bridgestone e6 i love the feel and 25 bucks for a dozen.

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I'm a lower-mid handicapper, and I won't play Pro v-1 balls. While my ball striking is worlds better than it was a year or two ago, I still don't feel consistent enough to play Pro-v's. With my normal ball (I currently prefer Z-star's), the response on the green is generally the same regardless of whether I hit the ball perfectly or a little bit thin. The ball will usually hit the green and pull back a foot or two, maybe hop a bit forward for a thinner shot. But with Pro-v's, I can literally see a 40 foot difference in where the ball ends up. The short game benefits don't outweigh the variance in the long game, IMO.

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Originally Posted by TMBridgestone View Post

Should I play the Pro V1 instead of the HX Diablo Tour?

Average Score: low 90's to very high 80's

SS: 90 MPH

What do you think?


As you can see you are getting the old "ask 10 people a question and get 13 answers" eh? So I guess the only way you can answer this question is to get out with both balls and play a few rounds to see which you like the best?


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I would say the #1 ball I find out on the course are Pro v1s. That leads me to believe too many guys are playing them that probably shouldnt be. When I find them I dont even hit them, I keep them and give them to my uncle who is a much better golfer than I am.
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Originally Posted by JCRuzanski View Post

Played a Srixon Soft feel my last 2 outings... lost it today. Was a really nice ball, although it had more of a thud coming off the club than I like. Cool thing about my course is that they keep their buck a ball bin stocked with a wide assortment, so I usually experiment often. DT SOLO is my ball of choice though. The z-star I finished with today seemed to scuff essily.

....I've tried them all from V1, V1X to agua balls and keep returning home to the humble DT So/Lo....best all around performance for my senior swing speed and putts beautifully....price is right as well at about 20 bucks a dozen.

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Maxfli has been making golfballs for 90 years......now, even thought they are owned by Dick's Sporting Goods, they are quality golfballs......The U2 is a 2 piece ball with a urethane cover.  It has the distance needed and will stop on the green....and best of all, they are $20/dozen......and sometimes you can get them for $10/dozen.

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