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Problems with High Trajectory and High Spin For Driver

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Hi Guys, I’m having Trouble with High Trajectory and High Spin For my Driver. Currently I’m using AdamsGolf 9064LS 9.5Deg with Fubuki K 70 Extra Stiff Shaft. The Probs is every ball i hit with my driver, the ball will go up high and spin back, and cause lost my distance a lot.


My Iron average distance: Pitching 150Yards; 7Iron 185Yards; 4Iron 230Yards and Yet my Driver only 255-270Yards L I feel bad for my driver. If i think of my head speed is not bad either; my driver around 115-125 mph and Iron +/- 100 mph.


So please Guys tell me what to do, I appreciated

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Stop hitting down on the golf ball with the driver.


play the ball a bit further up in the stance, and keep upper center of your body behind the ball. 

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That's a low spin driver and a low spin shaft setup - the problem with spin is not the equipment.


I would go with the reply above and add to it. Try a wider shallower swing. When I'm steep, ball go high. When I take it back shallow and think shallow through - ball starts lower and climbs beautifully.


To shallow, take club back and up gradually, and when swinging through, think arms straight with a wide arcing follow through - think of the swing as a wide arc.


Of course, to get wide, you've got to extend your body...

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Originally Posted by saevel25 View Post

Stop hitting down on the golf ball with the driver.


play the ball a bit further up in the stance, and keep upper center of your body behind the ball. 


Then he's just going to flip even more, I reckon.


OP, sorry I'm just heading out the door but here's a good, brief primer from a guy with a lot of experience in the fitting game:



I frequently see questions from golfers who say they hit the ball very high and are looking for an equipment change to bring the ball down.  This is an area in which we have a LOT of experience in our fitting research.  I feel this is very important to share with all of you so that you can know one common example for when an equipment change is not really going to work to affect ball flight enough and when lessons have to come first over an equipment change.  

We're talking about GOLFERS WHO HIT THE BALL SOLID BUT VERY HIGH - much higher than their playing companions.  Not just a little high, but very high.  And not sky-ed off the top of the clubface either.  We're talking hitting the ball solid but very high.  If you do this or see someone who does, bet the farm that 99 times out of 100, the cause of the very high shot trajectory is the clubhead passing the hands before impact.  Once the head passes the hands, it has no where to go but upward, and in doing that, loft is added to the face at the moment of impact which in turn hits the ball very high and usually with a lot more spin too.  

The cause is typically unhinging the wrist cock angle too early on the downswing so that when the golfer accelerates the club to impact, the momentum of the release continues to cause the head to pass the hands before impact.  This can also happen to very strong, very aggressive swinging golfers.  The harder you swing, the more chance there can be to use your dominant hand too much on the downswing which in turn can cause the clubhead to pass the hands before impact, thus increasing the dynamic loft on the clubhead at impact.  

The best way to see if this is the cause of your very high shots is to video your swing, with the camera aiming right at the golfer's chest/front.  Play the vid in slo mo and watch where the clubhead is in relation to the hands at impact.  However, when you see a golfer hit the ball VERY high, it is very rare for that to happen to a golfer who keeps the hands in front of the ball or keeps the hands even vertically in line with the clubhead.  VERY High trajectory comes from a higher dynamic loft on the clubface at impact, and the "hands behind position" is the primary way dynamic loft is increased dramatically.  

Bottom line is that if you see this move with a golfer, THERE IS NO LOFT OR SHAFT CHANGE THAT IS GOING TO MAKE MUCH OF A SHOT HEIGHT DIFFERENCE.   Sure, dropping loft by 2-3 degs can help a little, but if the clubhead is in front of the hands at impact, the shot will still be quite high even with a 2-3 deg loft reduction.  A shaft stiffness change is not going to do squat for this type of problem.  

Hence when a golfer hits the ball very high and you verify it is because of the clubhead being in front of the ball at impact, the best solution is to take lessons and work on the release to prevent the clubhead from passing in front of the hands before impact.  

Next time you see someone who hits the ball toweringly high, or the next time you see a question on the Forum asking what head or shaft change to make to bring down a very high shot trajectory, remember this post and bring it up to the golfer.  If you do, you'll be helping them with the right advise and saving them from wasting money on equipment when the money is better spent on lessons to learn to keep the clubhead back in line with the hands or a little behind the hands.  

I'm all for buying the right custom fit equipment to match properly to the golfer's size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics.  But when swing mistakes far outweigh what a club change can do, I am also a big fan of knowing when to take lessons so as to get to the point that custom fitting will help more and do its proper job.  

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If you go with the above, try keeping your elbows as close together as possible. That will delay the uncocking of the wrists.

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