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"CHEAPER" not a good word to use....I like "LESS EXPENSIVE" better....Have played a couple of rounds with the Callaway Super Soft and will continue to play this ball for a bit.

Bought 2 dozen...think its a keeper.

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I go with the "poor man's pro v" , the TF Gamer.

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Callaway Hex Chrome+, best ball ive ever played. Used to play Titleist ProV1x, Titleist NXT Tour, Bridgestone B330, Bridgestone e7, Callaway X Hot, Taylormade Black, Taylormade Penta

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Played the Gamer Tour and RBZ U last season and plan to give the Maxfli U/3, e5, and project (a) a shot this year.  I understand the the Gamer Tour has a more durable cover for 2014, and if true, I will also give it a go.  

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I have been playing lately with the Taylormade Lethal's and I am really liking them. Great control but every once in a while with full shot wedges there will be a bit too much spin. Comes in handy though when I play courses with faster/harder greens. I have been using the xouts/practice ones at $20 per dozen.

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i've been playing prov1 x's for years since we used to get them in college for tournaments. love them. i actually have a new box of bridgestone b330-s that i'm looking forward to hitting this season

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Lately it has been the Pro V1. I have never actually had this ball in the bag before now, but I just love the way it feels and reacts to my 57 around the greens.
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Pro V1's here ....... Just wish they weren't so expensive .

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Originally Posted by showdown View Post

Pro V1's here ....... Just wish they weren't so expensive .

You can buy them bulk, used:

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Originally Posted by Billy Z View Post

You can buy them bulk, used:

I  find plenty of used ProV's on the course . But I try to always have a couple of dozen brand new around . But I might give this a try .... Thanks !

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Right today I'm using some old Callaway Warbird Plus balls because my game's a mess after the winter and the ball isn't the problem. When I'm playing my best, I'll use the NXT Tour. If conditions are lousy or I'm rounding back into shape, I'll go with the DT Solos. However, I've gotten into the habit of switching to ProV1s on any par-3 that I can use a 6-iron or less to hit the green with because I'm confident I won't lose that ball, and I love the control I have with it. Whether I do or don't actually have more control with them is debatable, but I like the mindset it gives me of expecting myself to perform better. 

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As some of my other posts mention, I'm a bit of a golf ball junkie.  Love trying out new ones; partcularly on half wedges and around the greens.


The last 2 seasons I've played with the Hex Black Tour.  I've never been a fan of Callaway balls (too firm and "clicky" feeling), but IMO the spin around around the greens and inside 50 yards is better than any other ball I've used (I've tried them all....seriously); although I would put the V1 and V1x on the same tier.  I trusted the Hex Black all season in 2012 to win 2 season long tournaments at a CC where I was a member.  However, one thing that drove me nuts about them was the shoddy cover construction.  On EVERY ball, just below the logo on both sides, there is a group of 6 (or 8) dimples that look like someone traced them with a razor blade.  It's hard to notice on a brand new ball, but it starts to show after a couple holes.


Anyway, prior to that, one of the balls that I liked the most* for all around performance was the Z Star (2011); *except the spin on half wedges and around the greens sucked. It probably had something to do with the fact that the cover is so thin that the ball slid right up the clubface (like a surlyn covered ball) instead of digging in.  Apparently others agreed with my assessment since the new Z Stars have the "Spin Skin" that's supposed to provide up to 20% more spin around the greens.


Given the "new & improved" cover, I decided to give them another try since I loved everything else about the prior version.  I just wasn't willing to pay $45/doz.  About a month ago I found an auction on ebay and got my hands on 7 doz for $155.  I figured at $22 dozen they'd last all season if I liked them, and the price couldn't be beat.


So far I've played about 3 rounds with them, and I'd say they're definitely better around the greens than the prior version.  The jury's still out on whether they're as good as the Hex Black and ProV's, but distance is not an issue, and I love the soft feel; particularly on full iron shots.  Bottom line - I intend to keep these in the bag for the foreseable future.

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i use the titleist dt solo, i like all the golf balls made by titleist, i recently found a titleist velocity when i was walking down the second hole of waterhall golf course, i think the velocity looks like a cool golf ball!!!!!!!

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i used to use the pro v1 but now i like the titleist dt solo

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I use any of the high-end balls that go on sale for $35 or less. Bstone B330s are my favorite and luckily last year's model was just on sale a couple weeks ago at PGA Superstore for $32 a dozen. I bought 3 dozen. Hopefully that lasts me through July or so.
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Maxfli U's

Bridgestone B330RX

Titleist NXT Tour S
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Titleist NXT Tour.  I was shooting Bridgestone E6.  Found a NXT Tour and played it.  It seemed to play much better especially around the greens. 

I found one of these looking for one of my balls that into the woods. I fell in love with that ball and never looked back. NXT Tour.
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Originally Posted by CJBurke1971 View Post

Over the last 3 years I have played with several different models of golf balls and here is what I discovered:


Callaway - Haven't had any problems with any model I have used.


Titleist - ProV1 - Excellent /  ProV1x - Lost distance and feel from the ProV1 / NXT Tour - Same performance as ProV1


TaylorMade - Didn't like any model I have used, for the record my entire club selection in my bag is TaylorMade


Nike - Love the One RZN, I won a dozen at an outing and proceeded to shot my best scores over the next month and a half.


Bridgestone - Used the B330 series for my slow swing speed and felt like I was hitting a rock.


Pinnacle - Gold series was not the greatest off of the tee but responded very well for irons and wedges.


Right now my ball of choice is the Nike RZN but we'll see what happens in 2014.


If you have a slower swing speed I think you'd really like the new Callaway Super Soft...excellent all around performer ; also might try Wilson Staff 50 Elite and/or Wilson Staff Duo.

Please see my review of the Callaway Super Soft on the DB for more info....Good Luck!

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