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Which balls are similar to the Bridgestone E6?

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I have been playing the E6 lately and like how straight and long it is, but it is really poor at checking up on the greens for me. It seems to just roll forever, even with lofted iron shots. I otherwise really like the ball.

I'd like to give a different ball a try. I need to reduce side spin, so ProV1s and the like are too spinny for me at my level right now. I think the Srixon Q star is a good candidate to try. Any other thoughts? I'd like the same price range as the E6 if possible.

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Srixon Q-Star is supposed to be like the e6 .  Comes in White and yellow I believe . 

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If you need more spin around the greens, either go with a Srixon Q-Star or e5.  They are both engineered for a mid-high handicapper, with low driver spin, but more spin around the greens.

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+1 on the Srixon Q-Star. I started playing it instead of the e6.


Doesn't the Titleist NXT-S fall into a similar position? It is about $10 more, though.

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Thanks for the replies. I'm going to ask Santa for some srixon.gif Q Stars.

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I had the same problem with the e6 so my coach suggested I try the Callaway Hex Chrome or Penta TP3.  I'm currently playing the Penta's because of the deals going on lately but I actually like the Hex Chrome better on both distance and sitting down on the green off an approach shot.  


I didn't really like the Q-Stars myself I felt like they played the same around the greens as the e6.

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Same, IMO the Q-Star performs about the same as the E6. Long but not much bite on the greens. If price isn't an issue the 330's are worth looking at. I play the PV1x but if I had to choose something else it would be the 330RXS. My speed is fast enough for the other 330 offerings but the RXS feels good everywhere on the course. The only reason I made the change to the PV1x is because of the way it spins on the green. But it was a tough decision to change because I like the way the RXS feels off the putter.

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The e5 Bridgestone is what you will like the best in that price range. I buy them anywhere from 18 to 21 dollars a dozen. The Titleist NXT Tour S is a very good and surprising ball but it is going to cost you more money. I tried the Srixon Q Star and found it to be a no spin ball around the green and is clicky off the putter. Some people like the click and I could live with it but I want a ball to check chips and pitches. The B330s is a good ball and so is the Srixon Z Star and you can get some good buys on them when a new model comes out. When it's all said and done the ProV1 and ProV1X have no rivals that are equal to them but there are some good balls that will get you by depending on how you hit the ball. I saw a guy back a noodle up about 3 feet on a flat green with a 9 iron yesterday.
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