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hitting shots low and right

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Ive been hitting iron shots low and to the right. I have blades and its been giving me that "stinging" feeling. Where am I making contact with the ball on my iron? why is it going low and right?

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How low and how right, if its the stinging feeling, sounds like your hitting the hozel of the club, the dreaded S-word 


Fixing that, just pray that it goes away. There's a half dozen so called tips on how to. 


It has nothing to do with blade irons, its all the swing. 

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half of my normal height. and only about 20 yards right.

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I recently had the same issue and i used trial and error to fix it. I realized at address i was standing so far from the ball that (in my mind) i needed to reach further for the ball for a crisp strike. In turn i was hitting low and left (lefty) and chipping a ton due to missing the green a lot. My fix was having a friend video my swing so i could see the actual swing and contact point which led me to just take a step up and create a more vertical swing path through the zone. I dont know if that makes any sense but maybe it can help haha oh and i swing blades too so when you say that stinging feeling i get the chills c1_cursing.gif

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Fix your grip. 90% of my bad shots are, I notice, because of a poor grip. It can throw off anything from your power, plane, alignment, contact point, and timing. Those are often symptoms of a bad grip for me, not separate issues. To make matters worse, if I try to fix it on the course I tend to make it worse.


I had a maddening round last week in which my grip was no good, resulting in a push slice. Strengthening it and trying to will the ball left just didn't make it go away, my wrist was really cupped at the top because of my left hand being too strong in relation to my right. Divots indicated an in to out path, but it was impossible to get the clubface in the right angle without either extreme discomfort or throwing off my impact position. Due to the laws of biomechanics, I hit every bad shot possible until the turn; I went back to a bowed wrist at the top, same right hand, weaker left. One wouldn't think a weaker grip would result in a draw, but doing it with just one hand makes a difference. The left thumb was basically between my 2 middle fingers and palm of my right hand, which seems a bit random to me, but it affected everything from my short game to my tee shots.


Voila, power is back, alignment is back, clean contact and high flight galore. 2 holes later, it got dark. C'est la vie.


Might not be the S word, could be thinned to some extent as well, but usually the S word feels like a decent swing until you see the ball. If you are sure the face is pretty square and the path isn't wildly deviant from square, it probably is. The only thing you can do is check fundamentals, especially posture and alignment.

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Fix your grip. 90% of my bad shots are, I notice, because of a poor grip. It can throw off anything from your power, plane, alignment, contact point, and timing


The problem with this is, there is no general grip for anyone, everyone has there own unique grip. When all other options are exhausted then you can tweak the grip to fine tune the swing. 


I would go back out and practice again, if your still doing it, go see a professional with a video camera, ask him to transfer the video to you and post it on this website.. Well if the professional is good take his advice as well :p

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I agree with saevel. This does not sound like a grip issue. The problem is that without a video of your swing, we are all just guessing. If you could post a video, that would really help.

With that being said, I will take a stab at it. You may be excessively fanning the club open on the backswing. This move can definitely lead to shanks. Try taking the club back and keeping the face square to your swing arc (I.e. keep the face pointed at the ball as long as you can).. If you are fanning it open, you will feel like the club is extremely shut. This may help you...

Like I said though, I'm just guessing without seeing you swing. Good luck.
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I would put my money on it being toe hits.  Shanks, first of all, usually go a lot more than 20 yards right - at least in my experience - and if you're just grazing the hosel enough to hit a partial shank such that it only goes 20 yards right, I don't think that you're off center enough to get vibrations that will sting your hands.


Whenever I hit shots that really sting my hands or fingers, they are ALWAYS struck way out on the toe.


I won't even attempt to get into how to fix it because, a) I've never seen your swing, and most importantly, b) I am not a teacher so I wouldn't know what to say even if I had seen you swing.

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Definitely could be toe hits. I think we need more info from the op. There a number of reasons one may hit it off the toe.
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definately toe hits, perhaps your to far from the ball, that was my issue

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Toe and/or slightly thin shots (look at the face after a hit and look at impact), or possibly your swing speed has changed and you have too much shaft for your speed - that will also cause low and right.


Try straightening your arms at impact, check distance from ball, check hand position at address, and/or your path may be coming too much from inside to out.

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+1 to the above, inside and flipping is what gets my toe hits

To diagnose shot result by feeling, take small swings and try to hit the bad shot,.....a hostel hit with a blade is a ting sound and feeling of a dull thud,.....toe hit is a click sound with a tingling sensation,......thin shot is very close to a toe hit as Desmond explains above,....5 or 6 balls will help u identify which is which
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I think you guys are right. Im pretty sure they are toe hits. Its not a shank. And I recall my buddy, who is a scratch golfer, once telling me that he doesnt think im getting my wrists through the ball and finishing my shot.

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"a hostel hit with a blade"  .  Better this than a hostile hit with a blade.  But in fact the correct word is 'hosel', if you mean the lower end of the shaft, where the shaft connects with the head, AKA, the socket.  Hostel, of course, is a youth hotel or backpackers accommodation. 

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