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My Swing (jhwarren)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 15 years​ 

My current handicap index or average score is: 2.7

My typical ball flight is: Lately a pull/cut

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I am not really trying to eliminate anything. I would like to be able to draw the ball. My miss is definitely left.


I used to play a draw on every shot. Now, I couldn't draw the ball if my life depended on it. My overall game is pretty good. I would say I have an above average short game. I really think that my ball-striking is holding me back a little.


I really appreciate anyone who takes time to look at my swings. I am entering winter time grinding mode, so I am looking for some direction on what I need to improve. I am a new member to this site. If that means I have not reached certain status to receive feedback on my swing, I completely understand. I love the content here and I will be around for a while. Thanks. 





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Hello fellow lefty!  Hopefully somebody else responds, because I'm definitely no expert.  But it does look like your takeaway is a bit inside and you have a little OTT move going on, which may be why you're not drawing the ball. 

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Yay!  Another lefty!


I don't have much to add - I admire your balance and tempo.

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Nice swing Jhwarren! 


I'm certainly not at the level to be giving you advice but the first things I seen where. 


Club face open at impact, it even looks like its open as you are addressing it. 

Ball seems a bit far forward at address, you even ground your club a bit behind ball at set up (what iron where you hitting?) 

As another poster has said, downswing looks (familiar as I am trying to eliminate) like outside to in. 


But overall, there doesn't look like there's a lot going wrong there at all. 



Another thing I'm working on is my left (your right) leg/knee moving towards the target on downswing. 

You seem to do it ever so slightly too.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I definitely agree that I am coming from out to in. Anybody got any good drills or swing thoughts that helped you get over this common problem?



Here is something I've been looking at. Believe it or not this is the same swing...





The one on the left is where I feel my swing should stop. For some reason, however, I continue to lift my arms. That is a very significant difference in the angle of my lead arm. Does any one have any ideas on a good way to shorten the swing?


Thanks for looking guys. I appreciate any suggestions.

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You roll the clubhead inside (your forearms roll), which shallows the club so in transition you lift it up and get on a steeper (too steep) plane. Monitor A2 to A3 (see my signature for links to the terminology) to get the club a bit more on-plane at this stage and to reduce the need to re-route it through transition.

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Thanks for the post iacas. That definitely makes sense. What would be some ways to practice not rolling the forearms between A2 and A3? Thanks
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Originally Posted by Jhwarren View Post

Thanks for the post iacas. That definitely makes sense. What would be some ways to practice not rolling the forearms between A2 and A3? Thanks


Do you have a traffic cone handy...? :)

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Hahahaha. I wouldn't say handy, but I can probably get my hands on one.
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Hmmm...that could work.





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I'm out most of today but Mike can answer your question about how to use the traffic cone. If he doesn't, I will try to answer it later tonight.
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No worries. Looks like I need to clean this thing up if its going to be touching me haha.


I really appreciate your time and advice. Thank you.

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The text on the image is this:



Here's how you use a traffic cone. Place the cone so the middle is on your toeline and so the clubhead just hits it on the backswing at A2.
On the left, notice (red arrow) that if you roll the forearm and don't cock the wrists quickly enough, you'll whack the cone. You want to feel a bit more like Rickie Fowler take the clubhead up the outside of the traffic cone. NOTE that you don't want to do this by just shoving your hands out, but by not rolling the arms and failing to cock the wrists up.
On the downswing (green arrow, right image) because you're moving forward and retaining some of the wrist cock and hinge, you should safely swing several inches to the inside of the cone. Make slow motion swings at first to ensure that you've placed the cone appropriately and you'll miss it on the downswing, because if it's too close and you whack it with your clubhead it can hurt.



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Awesome. I will get to work.
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Spent all day yesterday watching football and working with my new traffic cone. It definitely feels super weird, but that's probably a good thing. Obviously, it is going to take a lot longer than two days to get this down. I did want to post a couple swings from my practice today. Let me know if you guys think I am on the right track.







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Update. Not the best day to play today in our nation's capital, but not the worst either. These two shots were pretty good. First one, pulled right in line with the target (back right pin, I wasn't trying to mess with it) about 15 feet short. Second one, very high with zero curve, right in the center of the green. These are both shots from 150 yards with a 9 iron (downhill to a completely frozen green, but I have been working out :)


Been working on my backswing, particularly A2-A4. I think it is getting better, but I obviously still need a lot of work. I hit a lot of quality shots today, but a couple really poor one too. Thanks for the views and any comments.



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Not sure why the video didn't work. Here's a link...

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Just an observation......at address, you seem to have a very strong angle, I mean your arms hang straight down and your wrists hold a big angle to the club. Then on the backswing you have to manipulate the angle to get it back on plane as you go back to the top. I don't know if that was something that you want there or not. It caught my eye, that's all.

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