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Member Review Roll Call for Golflexx fitness training aid

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Member Review Roll call for the GolFlexx fitness training aid.  There are five GolFlexx's to be reviewed, so three for Supporters/Forum Leaders and TWO for members that aren't in these categories.  So far we have only offered these Member Reviews to Supporters and Forum Leaders but for this review we wanted to include the membership at large.  Sorry, this is only offered to members that live in the U.S.  If you're interested, post in this thread.  This is not first come, first serve so don't worry about not being one of the first two members to post.  We will be picking the reviewers soon, so get to it!




Supporters and Forum Leaders, if you're interested, please link to your post in this thread (http://thesandtrap.com/t/57694/member-review-roll-call) in a post below as your "entry" for consideration. 



What's a Member Review?  You get free stuff, like a training aid, in exchange for a review published on the product page at http://thesandtrap.com/products/ . MRs are subject to guidelines, but above all else you will have the complete autonomy to offer honest, fair, thorough reviews. Fail to do so and we will exclude you from the list of possible reviewers.


And in case you didn't click on the Guidelines



Members chosen to review equipment, courses, or services will:


  • Thoroughly, fairly, and properly review all products on the appropriate product pageThe Sand Trap owners and/or moderators will choose the member(s) most appropriate for the review: a 20-handicapper won't likely review blade irons and a scratch golfer likely won't review the latest in super-game-improvement irons.
  • Entertain but may not follow subjective, non-factual corrections and suggestions to the review.
  • Keep for the reviewer's personal use any review equipment unless previously agreed upon.


Member Guidelines

Failure of a member to write an authentic, thorough, and unbiased review will result in their temporary or permanent removal from the MR program. To remain in good standing in the MR program, all qualifying members must:

  • Write thorough review(s) that details, explains, and qualifies all opinions, positive or negative.
  • Complete review(s) within a timely manner.
  • Write free of reasonable bias.
  • Represent themselves accurately in the selection process so that appropriate members can be chosen.
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I am interested in trying this out and writing further reviews.



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I would love to try and review this tool.  I need to increase my flexibility. 

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I'd like to give it a shot, thank you.


Being 57, I need the flexibility.




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I'm in. Always looking for a way to keep workouts interesting-

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If needed, I stand available. I will be up north for next month.
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All reviews for the Golflexx can be added here, please make sure to share some pics with your review, thanks



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Hi Guys, we'd like to get these reviews done within the next couple weeks, thanks

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