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I'm a single digit player who took off for 8 years and have came back last fall, I was a 0 when I left the game. I was never a long hitter but did hit with adequate distance. My game was always based around making very few mistakes and having a very solid short game..even though I was not a "great" putter. I studied under Hank Haney and a couple other pros of his and would say my preferred and even natural ball flight is a right to left shot. My "Big Miss" is a block, my nick name for years was "high right". After several years working on my swing I decided to "trust it" and only used a Momentus as a training aid/warm up device. This helped me with getting the feel back in my swing.


Since coming back to the game last fall I have taken a few lessons under one of Haney's head pros and do believe 100% in their methodology. With that said I still fight the block and occasional big miss right. Give me some thoughts on how you think the Orange Whip would be helpful in getting my club on the correct path on the downswing and helping me get rotation through the hitting area.


I'm 50 years old and swing the driver between 101 and 105 mph, also my 5'8" wife is wanting to learn to play the game. I will have her swinging the Momentus as I do think it helps but would be curious how you think the Whip would help both of us.



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Thank you for the note and I'm glad you are getting back into the game!


Since your #1 issue is the 'drop inside' on the the downswing, leading to high and right.   I would encourage the Orange Whip Mid-size, it is shorter than the Orange Whip Trainer (Driver length) and will allow you to swing much more on plane to encourage a better path.  The shorter length makes it easier to swing left, and keep you in balance.  Also, the Orange Whip Mid-size is perfect for your wife use as well.


As for my opinion on how to improve your path and get a lower trajectory swing path and not floating to the right: Altering your balance and repeating your swing motion will train a better path.  I would recommend standing on a sidehill lie, ideally a 'ball below your feet, sidehill lie', and possibly slightly downhill.   If you stand on this lie, your balance will be affected, and so will your swing plane.  Swing back and forth, in repetition with a golf club or an Orange Whip until your path stops going inside to out and more down the line.   It may feel like you are 'swinging left', but that is the change you will need to feel.   By doing drills like this everyday (for a couple minutes per day), you will gradually change your swing path. 

If you don't have any hills to work with, you could purchase an Orange Peel and accomplish these drills everyday inside or out!  If so, use Promo Code:  ORANGE for a discount at our website:  www.OrangeWhipTrainer.com.


I hope this helps.


All the best,
Jim Hackenberg

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Thanks Jim!


What is strange is on video my swings get's a little on the inside about half way back but tends to be over the backswing plane coming down but I feel I compensate by sliding forward so I keep in "inside" the target line with the "slide" now what was going to be an "over" swing really becomes to much inside and I let go early....

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Thank Jim, I already own the Orange whip and just ordered the hickory with the promo code you provided.

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