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My handicap is 18.. Trying to get it lower and lower by the day.. My driver has a 12 degree loft on it.. (Pingk15) anybody suggest I should get a driver with less loft?? Plus my drives go a little right!?
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Impossible to give you any reliable feedback. Driver loft is not an exact science. It is very personal and depends on many factors. Find you a local fitter with a launch monitor and see what it says. There are some numbers that I'm sure someone could throw out that are optimal for the launch conditions but different people achieve those results with different equipment.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of golf. From my experience, most golfers with handicaps like ours, live their lives on the "right" side of the fairway. And when you say your drives "go a little right" what do you mean? Are they slicing right? Are they pushed right? Are you just simply aimed right?

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To little information, If your concerned about your driver specs, go get fitted for a driver

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Sorry guys first time on here.. They are slicing mostly. I seem to have my feet, shoulders position sorted. I will prob go and get fitted for a driver. Thanks for the advice
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 I was a low ball hitter and a 12 degree helped me get it up (you know, the ball). As I have gotten better I have switched to a 10.5 degree Cobra S2 with great results. But as suggested above you should go to fitter and see what will work best for you. I'm not sure the loft helps or hurts with a slice though.

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The secret to the golf swing is really quite simple.   All you really need to know about the golf swing is explained in this brief 1 minute clip:


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That's good. Sounds like my swing coach.

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More loft equals less slicing.  

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Loft is your friend.

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True more loft equals less slicing because there will be more backspin than side spin. This is why its hard to curve a wedge. But this is more important for slower swing speeds that can't get enough backspin to keep the ball in the air to maximize distance. This rule of thumb does not work for higher swing speeds. At higher swing speeds, you need to be careful of how the clubhead relates to your swing. Some golfers can hit a shallower swing (less spin), or a more descending blow (higher spin). In which case, the degrees of loft can vary greatly. Some pro's play a golf club as low as 4-5 degrees, and some others play as high as 10-11 degrees of loft. 


But for slow swing speeds, i would shift this range up, 9-13 degrees of loft would be a good range to select from for slower swing speeds.


For me, i swing fast, so i play a 8.75 degree driver (9.5 adjusted downward). This adjustment has helped me be able to shape the ball a bit better, and help with the wind. 

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Youd probably be better off spending money on lessons instead of getting a different driver.

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Spend the money on good lessons before spending it on another driver.  A slice is the result of a swing fault (face open to the path at impact).  Fix that, and you will fix your slice. 



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As previously noted, the loft is probably fine (depending on your swing speed).  Without any other information, I would guess your slice is due to opening the club face during the down swing.  +1 on the coaching/lessons.  It really helps to have someone with a sharp eye watching you and provinding feedback.  Best of luck.  Let us know how you do.

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If the ball starts left or towards the target, the problem is not your clubface per se - it's that your swing path is too far to the left, making the ball curve right.

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Pulling the ball: Ball starts left of target line and cuts back right, or ball starts left and stays left

Pushing the ball: Ball starts right of target line and draws backs left, or ball starts right and stays right


You can hit a duck hook that starts left and goes left, with an inside path, if your face is extremely closed

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Really, I didn't know that.

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Frankly, i like #5. Straight. 

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