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Poll Results: What is your preferred computing device?

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Do all the web and marketing development on a desktop, laptops aren't fast enough and screen is too small for my preference.  Have a laptop but spend most of my time away from my desktop using the iPad 3.  Of the three choices, I like laptops the least. 

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With a previous employer, I traveled to Europe multiple times a year. A laptop was the way to go.


Now, I work mainly around the area, and like the laptop because I need a big screen. A big screen will  become more valuable this spring when we replace a problematic app with one that allows for split-screen work.


Never cared too much for notebooks, as I can't get an efficient typing stroke on the too-small keyboard.

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Originally Posted by ChrisSmith View Post

If you can only select one, I think laptop is an easy choice. Its got almost as much portability as a tablet and almost as much functionality as a desktop.


I agree with this comment, but why would you only choose one?  They're all so cheap now.  I have an iMac that doubles as a TV for my little girl, the wife has a MacBook Air, and we both have iPhones.  I currently have a Google tablet, but I can't wait to get an iPad.  With Apple TV, Hulu, and all of the other Apps that allow you to get unlimited content through so many different media devices, it's fun to have variety.

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I don't like laptops, especially the keyboards.  I voted desktop, but I travel with an iPad loaded with movies and TV shows (15 hours, non-stop from Houston to Qatar many times per year).

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Laptop for me. I spend the majority of my time researching and writing on my computer and I prefer the larger screen/keyboard on the laptop than what I would get with a tablet and at 13.3" it is still very portable. 

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Toshiba laptop. My son is an Engineer working for Microsoft so I get all the latest software cheap. Laptop is portable which I like.

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